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Three including father and son electrocuted at Tamenglong village

IMPHAL, Oct 23: In a bizarre incident three persons including the vice principal of JNV, Tamenglong and his son had been electrocuted to death at Duijailong village about five kms away from Tamenglong headquarters, under Tamenglong police station yesterday night at around 10:30 pm

The three are vice principal of the JNV Tamenglong A Lungthuiyang, 36 and his son Pouduandai, 12.

The other victim has been identified as D Namathiuauang, 42, a peon in state veterinary department.

According to sources, the incident happened when Lungthuiyang’s son found his father lying near their inverter and touch him and both of them were electrocuted. Later, their next door neighbour upon finding the father and son on the floor tried to wake them up by touching them leading to his electrocution a well.

Sources further divulges the incident occurred when the father who was watching TV tried to shut down some electrical appliances when he sensed some fault in the supply line.

In the meantime, various Zeliangrong organisations have alleged the incident occurred due to the laxity and negligence of employees of the electricity department.

It may be reminded a girl studying at PP Christian English School, Maram in Senapati district was electrocuted some time back when she accidentally touched a low lying electric cable.



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