Unsatisfactory mobile network service in Chandel


It is unfortunate that the BSNL mobile network service is unable to provide quality and satisfactory service to the people of Chandel. Most of the time one has to dial at least twenty to fifty times in order to get the line. If one is lucky s/he will get connected. The other would be ‘Network is busy please try after sometime.’ I am wondering whether the company is trying to showcase its quality service by, ‘Network ………….sometime.’ Another concern is whether there are any staffs and technicians of the BSNL in Chandel. There is none of the staffs whom even we can address our problem and grievances. What kind of company on earth is paying it employee who have not done their job.

If the BSNL is unable to work and provide satisfactory service to the people of Chandel it is high time for it to surrender and let other company like Airtel, TATA Indicom, Idea and Aircel come in. This is our humble and sincere appeal.

Yours sincerely,
Lufson, Chandel.

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