An appeal to the Manipur Government



The deceased/victims family of Robert G. & Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei appealed to the Government of Manipur to materialize the assurance to provide suitable job to the next of kin on humanitarian ground of KLQ/KIA Bus arson when Robert G. ASC Soldier and mother-in-law Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei were killed on 23-10-2008 at Lahorijan, Bokajan, Khat Khati P.S. in Assam near Diphu (Karbi Anglong Headquarter). The chief Minister assured to provide suitable jobs to Smt. G. Aphuna Goimei W/o late Robert G. and Miss G. Achungmei D/o Late Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei with marking to the Minister (TD & Hills) with “PI. arrange to accommodate as a special case to humanitarian ground. (O. Ibobi Singh. C.M.1/10/2009)”

The MPCC President Gaikhangam, Vice Chairman Hill Area Committee Khangthuanang Panmei, Hill Minister D.D, Theisii assured as CM committed but failed to materialize providing job to Gaiphunsiuliu Gangmes alias Aphuna Goimei W/o Late Robert G. They only blamed CEO ADC, Tamenglong for the failure.

Fortunately, the next of kin and daughter of Late Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei got a job as Asstt. Teacher of A.D.C, Churachandpur but Smt. Aphuna Goimei W/o Late Robert G. is still left out. Inspite of repeated calls on the Government and dhamas held in demanding ex-gratia, jobs nothing had been accorded so far except assurances.

The second death anniversary day is being held at Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal on 23/10/2010 at 3 p.m. as organized by victims/deceased family in homage the departed souls.

It is an earnest appeal that a suitable job be accorded to Gaiphunsinliu Gangmei alias Aphuna Goimei W/o Late Robert G. by the Govt. of Manipur.

Athui Goimei (Elder brother)
Of deceased Robert G. Samuel Gangmei, S/o deceased Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei

Memorandum submitted to Hon’ble Shri Okram ibobi Singh, Chief Minister, Manipur, C.M/s Bungalow Babupura, lmphal-795001.
Submitted by the deceased families Robert G. & Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei on 23-10-2010.

In the matter of demand for ex-gratia & appointment of Smt. Gaiphunsinliu Gangmei alias Aphuna Goimei W/o late Robert G. (D/o Lanbidim Gangmei) as Assistant Teacher primary or upper classes on humanitarian ground.

Hon’ble sir,
We, on behalf of the deceased/victims family fervently beseech your high office for the grace of extending sympathetic and excellent consideration.

That, we have been tirelessly calling on the Govt. of Manipur and launched a series of dharnas, press meets and parleys with your hon’ble self in the office chamber a number of timed during the last three years to press upon the government for extending ex-gratia and other mean of sustenance to the next of kin of the victims killed in the UG Bus arson at Lahorijan.
That, Robert Goimei (31) S/o Dingenang, SEP-ASC-B Coy-5PL5133 No. (soldier)- 14825769 -A a native of Sangrungpangf Tamengiong District, Manipur and Smt. Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei W/o Lanbidim Gangmei of Chalungkhou (Chaiba) village under Bishnupur P.S. of Henglep Sub-Division, Churachandpur District, Manipur were killed during the KLQ/KLA Bus arson at Lahorijan, Bokajan, Khat Khati P.S. o 23/10/2008.

That, the government of Manipur and the concerned authorities were aware of the unfortunate incident with the State wide sympathy wave. Dharnas, Press conferences, memoranda were the sequences there of ever since the sad demise of the two precious lives-especially Robert G. who died in service as Indian soldier.

And that the earnest plea submitted by the women organization had been sympathised by your honourable self marking to the Minister (TD/Hill) with the words “PI. arrange to accommodate as a special case on humanitarian ground CM.” on 1/10/2009 so as to appoint Smt. Gaiphunsinliu Gangmei alias G. Aphuna Goimei and Km. G. Achungmei D/o Sate Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei as Assistant Teacher.

That, Km. G. Achungmei has been appointed Assistant Teacher in the ADC, Churachandpur recently while Smt. Gaiphunsinliu Gangmei alias G. Aphuna Goimei W/o Sate Robert Goimei was left out when the DPC for Undergraduate Teachers post, 2009 i.e. Roll No.279.

That, the Hon’ble Hill Minister D.D. Theisii Hon’ble MPCC president Gaikhangam and Hon’ble Vice Chairman HAC Khangthuanang Panmei who understood the commitment made by your honourable self on the tragic loss of precious lives that included a Government employee. The Hill Minister even assured us to issue appointment orders positively.

However, we were aggrieved by the fact that the result of DPC did not include Srnt. GaiphunsinSiu Gangmei alias G. Aphuna Goimei W/o deceased Robert G. except G. Achungmei D/o deceased Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei. The said top leaders failed to keep up their assurances and the coveted commitment of the Hon’ble CM. except blaming the C.E.O ADC, Tamenglong for the same.

That, memoranda had been submitted to the Government on 01-11-2008, 24-11-2008, 6-11-2008, 08-04-2009, 16-01-2010, 3-09-2010 and dharna by JAC against Brutal Killing of Robert G. & Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei were held and we met the leaders of Manipur for ex-gratia and suitable jobs. But so far, not a single pie was accorded as relief and sign of sympathy nor job given for sustenance towards the next of kin of Robert G. a veteran soldier of kargil war (1999).

And that, the Government of the State and the ADC, Tamenglong could have accommodated the unfortunate widow and experienced in teaching job as officiating Teacher during the pendency of the DPC etc. In the light of the above facts, request your honour to kindly take up prompt action as to.

1. Order the Chairman/C.E.O. ADC, Tamenglong to appoint Smt. Gaiphunsinliu W/o Robert G. as Asst. Teacher as officiating basis on humanitarian ground during the pendency of DPC in the later stage.

2. Order for extending any relief measure regarding the 3(three) year long demand and extreme discontentment in cash or in kind,

3. Extend excellent consideration as deemed fit as the head of the Government.

We await your prompt action.

Yours faithfully,
Athui Goimei (Elder brother)
of deceased Robert G.
Samuel Gangmei
S/o deceased Ph. Ginthailiu Gangmei


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