Call To The National Youths For A Peaceful Theoretical Political Solution



A humble appeal to the benevolent youths of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa, Manipur, N.E.R., DoNER, CHIBMY Federation (Federation of the CHIBMY Republics Convention) F.C.R.C. etc.

My heartiest request is for not to be revolution Killer. Please dedicated for being an ideal revolutionary of moral & Ideals by upgrading from ihe rotten level of Manipur Society since 1819 to 1826 seven years devastation of Manipur.

In the context of Indian democracy. I want to say it is nothing but Mr. John Gilpin’s riding of the horse journey without bit and rein to control the running horse. Practically Gandhism is the right side rein of the horse and Panchayati Raj is the left side rein of the horse without bit at its mouth, the rein was torn and corroded that fail to control the horse. What will be the bit of the running horse of Indian Democracy? Who and how the toiling and hunger millions of India be fed and save? Who can save self immolation, suicidal death of India?

Only a computerise Scientific Socialist left secular Federalism will be the bit and rein of the horse and also solution of Indian Democracy. All the political parties and each organisation must continued on ideology, Ism and theory with non-violence to save Humanity, International Justice & Reasoning on the basis of Global, Universal Life Circle and Energy Independence.

All the dedicated youths are again requested to join hands with ideals and morals to get a Scientific Socialist left secular Federation theory of the region F.C.R.C. The present Ethnicity insurgency and Sub-nationalism blood shed of revolution and crimes of North Eastern Region needs ideal Political decision and unarm peaceful theoretical political solution. A person can be defined all the Eastern and Western habits, Eastern Law and Western Law, Culture, Eastern Education, Western Education, Fatherland and Motherland by a minute observation through study of the Manipuris before division of Naga and Kukis by the British. Mountains remoted all communities where Foreigners, outsiders divided ethnicities. Faith, believe and worship diverted birth place with the will of choice of religion of the communities by neglecting and denying the integrity of the native community villages. “The political Religious and Social Life of the peoples is directly influence by the soil, climate and elevation of the country. The height of the Mountains, the current and depth of the rivers and the nature of the sea coast have their direct influence upon the live of a nation.” Different Languages were also created in accordance with the situation and topographic conditions of different soils. So therefore native birth place, peaceful co-existence is the priority of human life, religion, faith and believe must be secondary and inseparable from the communities among the ethnicities.


Yours faithfully,
Sanasamcha Mangi Mangang
Moulubi Bazar, Sylhet, Keilasahar, Agartala


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