Cellular services down in Ukhrul district


UKHRUL, Oct 4: Ukhrul gets uneasy and wild following the complete “blackout” of communication lines connectivity of the cell phone services like Airtel, Aircel and Idea for the past 4/5 days. The network indication bar always stands no sign leaving thousands of consumers remains `”hue and cry” and speaks volume in distress and unsatisfactory over the communication facilities providers in Ukhrul.

The trouble of failure in communication brings a wide gulf lines especially to the families of the students outside the state in sending messages, information contacts and even the people living in the district too are very inconvenient or creating havoc in times of emergency and important information to pass on resulting the failures of some very vital and useful tasks.

The only available BSNL network facility of line service is not too in a free-manageable provider to the needy people. It is found and observed that the cabins of all the PCO shops in and around Ukhrul town remains with customers in long queue and due to the poor frequency of the availability service most customers are unable to get the lines and even waited for long hours in trying and turning back home in distress minds even though very few lucky customers get the connection.

It is also observed that some PCO shop owners are also seen their shop`s down shutters few days ago early in the day owing to the service breakdown or failure.

On the other hand people of Ukhrul nowadays find a complete dissatisfaction over service private mobile service providers and there are some people talking to respective offices if they continue to cheat repeatedly in providing regular or good services. There are also some customers who complaint service providers are playing a big monopoly in deducting fraudulently and exorbitantly the balance money from their accounts.


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