Chandel continues protest against move to host ex-UGs at 8th MR


IMPHAL, Nov 14: Continuing the protest against the recent state government move to keep surrendered militants belonging to a faction of the underground KCP at the recently opened rehabilitation centre inside the 8th MR complex at Leikun in Chandel district headquarter, the public of Chandel district intensified their vigil of the movement of security vehicles approaching Chandel district headquarter at different locations.

Several hundreds of villagers at different locations starting from Pallel upto Leikun staged pickets along the Pallel to Chandel district headquarter road opposing the recent state government policy.

The surrendered militants were to be kept inside the Leikum 8th MR complex for further rehabilitation programme.
The road blocks however was suspended later in the day in view of the inconveniences facing by the common public.
The demonstrators said the vigil along the road will continue.

They said if the state government fails to take positive actions as desired by the people of the district in the nearest future, they would resort tounitedly take up more stern agitations which possibly might lead to the violence.

No official confirmation however has been forthcoming over the transportation of the surrendered militants.


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