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China has a lot to learn from India in ‘IMAGE BUILDING’


China may have higher achievements than India, but when it comes to building image in the international forum, the Chinese govt have a lot to learn from India.

1. India attacked East Pakistan and helped the East Pakistanis
(Bangladeshis) form a separate country Bangladesh in 1971. It did not draw any world criticism because of proper media management. Can Pakistan dare to do this in Kashmir? Never.

2. India shelters Dalai Lama. Can China even think of providing shelter to Geelani or Asiya Andrabi? Never.

3. India is the only country in the world which has successfully
brought down all secessionist movements, starting from Tamil Elam, Manipur, Khalistan in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam etc. No other country has used such millions of military men to thrash armed revolutions so ruthlessly. Yet it can dictat the U.S. to go ahead for a seat in the United Nationa Security Council.

4. Many western capitalist economies and allies like India has succeeded in causing damage to the image of China when it comes to human rights violations in Tibet. But no one questions India regarding gross human rights violation in Kashmir, the scale of which is much higher than in Tibet.

5. India uses the Mahatma Gandhi as a brand. Will the world leaders ever talk about modern day Indian Gandhis like Irom Sharmila, Medha Patkar, etc. who echo the problems of today’s grassroots in India?

Gandhi succeeded because the British were a civilized group of people.

If he was alive today, he would have faced the same fate as Irom Sharmila of Manipur.

6. Some organizations accuse China of imposing Mandarin on Tibetan people. But no one has pointed out to the steady destruction of the tribal languages in Arunachal Pradesh since 1971. In the last 30 years, the destruction of the language Nefamese (a variant of Assamese) and the imposition of Hindi is one of the remarkable achievements of the Indian central government. What more, the gullible masses of Arunachal Pradesh don’t even realize this reality!

China is a baby when it comes to media management and in strategies relates to image building. The mainland Indian government and the national media is way ahead and far clever than their Chinese counterparts. They can make common public believe what they want them to believe. They can give an eye-wash to the entire world. The Chinese need to take special classes from Indian central govt, Indian army and Indian media.

Yours faithfully,


  1. Time has come to redefine Indian national interest (INI)…….
    for so long the Military establishment has been the sole author defining INI
    ….. it has made India more vulnerable and made Indian democracy a mockery of democratic values
    INI, as Arundhati Roy has observed recently, is not in forcing people to say they are Indian by kicking and booting them under the barrel of the Gun

    Growing economy and the fear of China has made the West come closer to India but that does not mean… it is not that they are not aware of the human rights abuse in India …. Amnesty International and others have time and again reminded the GOI …
    Economic fortunes might change… but real democracy will withstand all odds…. so let’s hope India will have a real democracy … Long Live Hindustan

  2. An excellent opinion. India survives and perpetutes in the west thorugh of its high-caste Hindu deities and icons like Gandhi who are manadated to be considered as moral idealists. This is exported as a policy of India in the West. It is intended to alter the image of India and Hinduism in the West thus making India immune from any condemenation for its mass-crimes in Kashmir, Punjab and Northeast in the name of preserving its entrenched enslavement of caste system.The high-caste Hindu India still dismisses persecuting of caste as crime which the Indian media sings the the glory of a high-caste India.

    China on the other nothing like Gandhi as a moral export to veil in crimes. China is unveiled without a false image.

    The survival of India belies on false image of National Hinduism.

  3. Dear ‘VOX POPULI’ –

    a good take!

    China in no way can be compared with other nations. She has the greatest civilization. There is not American civilization without Chinese civilization.

    China prevails!

  4. It is a very pedantic India bashing! For example in the first point, if you declare a war in order to stop the genocide of Bangladeshis, for whom India opened the border to come in for refuge, that is not called attacking a country. This is just simply “unfair” and “naive” although talking such nonsense helps a lot in politics.

    The north east clearly suffers a lot and needs a lot more care, like a lot of sectors in India. But to call every action of India as “bad” is not the best way to ask attention. It will only lead to polarisation of stupid people rather than finding decent people taking interest in their cause.

  5. The writer has very cleverly ‘alleged India of more human rights violations than china..I must say the writer’s remarks are absolutely ridiculous..I guess the writer has some anti india propaganda.Sharmila has sympathy and respect of all Indians who know about her.Indian media channels showed her plight whole day some days back.
    China’s human rights violations are gross and more serious as what we know can be just the tip of an ice berg.In india,atleast you know to what extent human rights are violated but in china you never know.. Also dont forget china dosent need to give asylum to Geelani or Andrabi as they are free to do whatever they want in india.Please read about his anti-india speech in New delhi;would anyone do it in china?we know what happened to LIU Xiabao


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