Farmers’ training


    Imphal, Nov 22: With the aim of enhancing productivity, the department of Agriculture has organized onbe day farmers training programme on November 20 at Saiton village under the sponsorship of Directorate of Agriculture Government of Manipur.

    The one day training program on Soil Health and Fertility Management and System of Rice Intensification (SRI) at Saiton under Bishnupur district Kumbi assembly constituency which was jointly organize by the United Club and Library sponsor by the agriculture department Manipur and Ministry of Agriculture govt. of India.

    Local MLA, N Mangi who was oepning the function mentioned that, the training is meant for the development of farmers in the state, to help bring a green state and in the production of sustainable crops to live with self sufficiently in food and other items.For this the mean important is irrigation facility and so for the Kumbi assembly constituency he said that numbers of RLI scheme had been implemented and further will extend in interest of farmer and assure to help farmers.He further said that some farmers of the state had started double cropping. Cropping both season will bring a well develop for the farmers he added.

    In the meantime, Dy. Director Ph Rajendra soil chemist alsowho was attended as expert from the directorate mentioned that we Manipur people do not have this work culture then we will continue depending to other in essential commodities. For the product of essential good for our own from our land and atleast to stop depending to other the agriculture department had started different massive program since 2007/08 till today. And during the awareness program department had give campaign on SRI cropping, Kharif cropping with using light trap, Rabi cropping etc. And appeal the farmers to test the soil pH value before sowing their crops.

    In the meantime at Saiton loukon also the MLA and Agriculture team sow the Mustard (M-27) variety in 35 hector And at Yairipok Kamu Tampak loukon MLA Th Shyamkumar along with the official of agriculture department and central agriculture university team sowed pea in 15 hector.For the first time in field demonstration, expert used Imidacloprid 48 percent and Anokhi (carbendigm 12 pc and Macozed 63 pc) 75 WP which can prevent from insects, birds, fungus, wahik, etc. During the visit to Yairipok the team also inspected some land for the plantation of Rabi crop.


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