FIDAM to complain to UN on Meghen disappearance


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Imphal, Nov 21: A discussion held today in Imphal to know the whereabouts of RK Sanayaima alias RK Meghen, the chairman of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) decided to dispatch a missive to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappeared (UN-WGEID).

The missive will be sent by Families of Involuntary Disappeared Association of Manipur (FIDAM).

Mentionably, UNLF leader RK Meghen who was reportedly arrested in Dhaka by a joint team of RAW sleuths and Bangladeshi police on September 29 last and later allegedly extradited to India.

On Sunday, FIDAM organised a discussion programme at Manipur Press Club under the theme, ” A One Day Discussion on Involuntary Disappearance of RK Sanayaima alias RK Meghen which was participated by civil organisations such as United Committee, Manipur (UCM), United People’s Front (UPF), CORE, All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA), Human Rights Alert (HRA) and others.

At the end of the programme today, the participants took two resolutions. One of the resolutions has been to send a missive by FIDAM to the UN-WGEID). Seeking the support of the UNO, international rights bodies and national human rights organisations has been the other resolution.

Noted human rights activist and senior advocate Khaidem Mani who moderated the discussion programme said that though RK Sanayaima may be an underground activist and “whether the people are subscribing to his ideology or not but we have to accept that he is a leader.” To drive home his point, Khaidem Mani said that Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the AICC and “one may subscribe to the Congress party ideology or not but we accepted her as a leader.”

Throwing up an emotional tone, FIDAM president K Ranjit recalled how he still cannot come to term with the incident 30 years ago when security force personnel picked up his elder brother by the named of K.Lokendro and never to be seen or heard about him till today. “Whenever I think of that particular night incident which had happened 30 years ago I my heart still aches,” lamented Ranjit while speaking in today’s programme. He said that till these days his family has no clue about his brother who was picked up by the men in uniform when the victim was just 22 years old and Ranjit was by then an 18 years old.


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