Guardians call for making education a violence free zone


    IMPHAL, Nov 2: All Manipur Student Gaurdian Organization has in a press conference today called for making education a Violence Free Zone.

    Speaking at the conference, held at the organisation’s office, N Chaoba Singh, working president of the parents’ body decried the confusion created in the declaration of the Primary Teachers DPC.

    He also appealed to the state government to settle the issue at the earliest possible whereby to help bring quality education in the state.

    Citing the examples of 1997 when the state government had created confusion in declaring the result of the Primary Teachers DPC, he said people will loss whatever little confidence they had to government in case the present government fail to clear the confusion around the DPC result this time.

    He further appealed for support and approval from the people of all sections for the mass rally to be taken out on November 10 on the issue of making education a free zone. The rally will be organized by Coordination Committee which is an umbrella organization of 16 education related organizations.

    Stating that even though various organizations of the state have been calling to make education a free zone, various difficulties and obstructions like the bandhs, general strikes, money demands on educational institutions, bomb threats, etc have affected education in a big way and hindered education from being in a free zone.

    He also appealed to all concerned organizations to help bring quality education in the state and to exempt education from all obstructive and destructive means of agitations.


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