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Haunting phenomena at Naoremthong

IMPHAL Nov 23: In a mysterious incident of alleged haunting taking place at the Naoremthong Laishram Leikai residence of one Salam Dinamani (46), residents of the area and beyond thronged his house to verify and investigate the matter.

The haunting allegedly started at around 6pm today when the sound of pebbles hitting the kitchen roof of Dinamani could be heard by his family members.

Thinking at first that someone might be playing a prank, the household members did not investigate, but after repeated showers in brief intervals, the family started to feel apprehensive.

Later when Dinamani and his family tried to ascertain the incident, they were not able to find anyone or point out any particular place from where the pebbles might have been thrown.

As the news got around the locality, people came around to investigate and after some time a huge crowd began gathering at Dinamani’s residence.

Talking to IFP, Salam Surjit ,brother of Dinamani stated that he is not a believer in ghosts and hauntings.

He received a call from his wife regarding the haunting and had rushed back home from his shop located at Naoremthong.

He investigated the scene and then spread a cloth on top of the kitchen roof to collect the pebbles suspected to be thrown by spirits, if and when they are thrown again.

“We found some small stones at first on the spread cloth and had come down after bundling the cloth.

“I was horror struck when we opened the cloth and found that nothing was inside. I have never experienced anything like this and now I am inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to those who say this is paranormal activiy” Surjit said.

When questioned whether the pebbles might have been thrown by someone, he replied in the negative as the house was surrounded from all directions by club volunteers at the time the stone pebble sounds were heard.

The terrified residents of the house refuse to remain inside the house as the sounds could be heard till 10 pm. Locals then erected a fishing net to cover the roof and burst crackers to drive away the “spirit”.


  1. there is an old saying that the pebbles thrown by ghostly activities is collected by a cloth or something then cooked in a pan or some container the ghostly spirit is doomed and come asking for the pebbles and in return a wish or a boon is grated


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