Hectic preparations to welcome Sonia inspite of bandh call


IMPHAL, November 10: Amidst strike calls, the government and the Congress party relentlessly continues to make hectic preparations to give a fitting welcome to the UPA chairpersona and AICC president, Sonia Gandhi on November 12.
The streets are being lined with the Congress flags, police pickets have sprung up in all parts of the Imphal even at the expense of causing some traffic bottlenecks and resultant snarls during the rush hours.
On the other side, more orgisations have joined the strike call on the day of the visit by the UPA chairman.
Joining hands with other social organizations of the state, the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has also decided to support the boycott and general strike called against the proposed visit of UPA Chairperson and President of AICC Sonia Gandhi.
A statement of UCM stated that Central government has concealed the whereabouts of the chairman of UNLF, RK Meghen who was reportedly arrested from Dhaka by Bangladesh Police and RAW officials and so the committee strongly opposes the very undemocratic attitude of the Indian authority.
Various social organizations of the state have decided to boycott Sonia’s visit for failing to disclose the whereabouts of RK Meghen who has been struggling for self-determination for the last many decades. The Indian Government should at once disclose the whereabouts of Meghen and conduct free and fair trial as per the democratic laws of the country, it said
The Kabui Mothers’ Association is the first of these to announce a 10 hour general strike from 6 am to 4 pm on the same day though for a different reason.
The association has decided to call the general strike after the failure of the state government to acknowledge their demand of accommodating 200 seats to the Kabui community at the three Ema markets which is awaiting inauguration by the UPA chairman during her visit.
Kakomlunglu Kamei president KAMA while interacting with media persons today evening has stated that the association had previously submitted a memorandum on October 25 regarding their demands after which the Chief Minister of Manipur had invited the representatives of the association for a meeting on October 27; however no amicable solution was taken during the said meeting.
Furthermore the association had also conveyed a sit in protest on November 2 where the association had declared to impose a general strike on the visit of Sonia Gandhi in case the state government failed to accept their demand. However representatives of the association had also met the state Chief Minister for a second time on November 7, which has also failed to bring any amicable solution.
She has further declared that co existence and integration of the various communities living in the state can be achieve only by mingling with one another and working side by side and not just by imparting speech and lecture on communal harmony and integration of the various communities of the state.
She has further appealed to all sections of the society without communal division to support the said general strike.


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