Incredible Manipur, Manipur’s realities


Dear Editor,

I will swim in the pond for i will get drown in the ocean. Even heading to the shore will make you drowned. Wonder where is this ocean is? Do you want to try? This is the most dangerous tranquil state ever created. Tranquil? Because this state is proud to be introduced as The Jewel of India. It was given by the first Prime Minister of India six decades ago. But he is the most hated person in the state, not for he coined the wrong name ,but for the present situations prevalent in the state. However every Manipuri enjoys introducing their land as Jewel of India to the outsiders. See any travel websites on Manipur. Its The Jewel of India. Poor Nehru! This ocean is the Jewel of India. There are no real deadly sharks to eat you alive. There are ‘brothers’ with weapons to protect you from mainland India influences to save this indigenous Manipuris from being lost forever. The natives are so well look after that they are prohibited to swim in the ocean.They are allowed only to swim in the ponds. They cant either develop thoughts for buying a Mercedes in the state or even outside of the state, you are always monitor by many people and your balance sheet are well documented in the state by the ‘finance secretaries’.
There are many form of taxes to be paid in this state. If you failed any , it is quite obvious that you will be in the headlines of local papers in a week time for the “version of law” which includes attacks with china-made hand grenade operates in the state. You will never get scare here with bomb attacks in your neighbor homes. A particular house has received undetonated bombs many times and they will continue receiving. Native’s psychology is so strong that attacks with bombs became nothing to worried about. Indeed is has became a way to get in to the headlines.
Corruption is not present in the state. Corruption run together with the blood of the native. For Rs.8000 about 200 dollars monthly government job you have to pay as bribe at least Rs.800,000 before the job’s interview. And this huge sum is garnered either through selling your paddy field or borrowed with interest from ‘rich people’. Pay-back of this sum is very interesting. You’ll collect either from the public through many ways, including the bomb story, or by doing the same process again: asking bribe again from potential job aspirants.
If anyone dare to open a shop or start business, no one is going to stop you. THIS IS ALSO PART OF THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY OF THE UNIVERSE . First India”s gay public marriage was reported here. There is The Man inside you who will make you succumb to self unemployment.Exorbitant demands of cash will boom into your head and psychology from aid seekers ,who are fighting the Indian army for the freedom of the state. The one should who should be responsible ,as in
anywhere, as he is the CM of the state, the leader who directs everything, is counting day for making a history by his state in his tenure to have a Nobel prize winner. Iron Lady Irom Sharmila Chanu will celebrate with tears of unhappiness on completing her 10 years of fast unto death protest for the removal of The Draconian Act,AFSPA from the state in the first week of November,2010. The state as well as the CM himself is waiting for the big day. He was elected to honor his people coming back from Oslo. Then what is CM for? Many people including many human rights activists have throng in the state to encourage the Iron Lady not stand in the rain as she is going to get rust any moment. Doctors have already said many times that Sharmila will never have a normal human life after, if miracle happens and Act removed, her ordeal.

Yours faithfully,


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  1. Dear All,there is no used in shouting and crying over the system prevailing in the state,the root cause of all the problem is poverty,we need to empowered people with remedies to overcome these maladies.Only if you steps some directions into it,your words and our anger would be echoed every nook and corner of Manipur.No one talks about utilising the natural resources available in the state,We Manipuris are glib talker including me and miserable failure in actions.Who can we regarded as a role model for the state except some sportsmen like Mary Kom.We are individaulistics society which care none for our fellow.My suggestion is to destroy this lazzy crap gene pool of manipuris,untill and unless we stand-up ourselves and do something for our society.

  2. if we see outside of manipur or outside of India we can see everywhere is changing. But nothing is changing in Manipur for last 20 years. I remember when I was young there was no electicity problem. But now where is electric. its just 1 example. we are fighting among us only. we are hurting our own people. Meitei is very few. I worry one day there may be no meitei in manipur. let build up manipur by us.

  3. My suggestion would be-lets disseminate the information about the ill effects of such rodents and viruses among we common people to an extent that we would reach a stage that every one would instill in ourselves the need for repellents to get rid of them. Now the question arise, how to create the repellent??… I wish if one could invent an anti terrorist powder and then kill them or their mentality.
    Well, we are at a precarious condition at this juncture where the UG groups or rather the extortionists are the main elements in our society acting as main impediments towards economic development. I am not saying all politicians are doing good, no bureaucrats are corrupt. Even the police and the military personnels are a thread to our lives at certain point of time. But a deep introspection in different spheres reveals the need to tame the problems of extortion being executed in the name of revolution, putting it the first and the foremost priority as this is the main enigma that has led to various negative subsequences and consequences. There after we can congregate potentials to bring reforms in different sectors.

  4. In the second para above: I meant to say that ‘It is high time that we start with something to change from whatever the state is going through in today’s time’.

  5. Thank you everyone for your valuable comments.
    Now,we all agreed that we are the ones who need to bring changes for our society,but my request to you is where,how to start for making progress onself.

    Please suggest people

  6. Now that we have all seen what our Manipur is going through and what Manipur used to be… Does anyone of us here have any suggestion so as to control such unwanted activities from happening any further? I don’t have one but I believe in my people that some day we would all come together as one. Some one has to start at some point.

    Talking about these extortionists, have we read the news about a thief who became a S/S second in command for one of these groups. That sure is scary. It high time that we start soon…

    I will not say Manipur is a Jewel now but all that I’d add is ‘I belong to Manipur and nothing can beat Manipur because I love Manipur’.

  7. wat kinda freedom are we talking about. In every aspect of live we have difficulties on our way. Y do we need a terorist organization to fight for our freedom. Our freedom belongs to ourself n none one in this world has the right to take away that freedom from us.Let people doesnt need to praise about the terorist group or blame them for wat they had done. It because of the people only this thing hapen. Geting freedom n live like a slave wat should we call that live.

  8. @ Mr Raj Wish so many others think the way you realise the fact. Keep your head in the clouds and feet on ground and heart in middle to balance the two. You are one of those being balanced. Ideologies of the freedom fighters of Manipur have vanished long time back. Ideologies are now constructing new buildings and houses, best education to their children, best of the best facilities to their own people and things like that. Coz, these days revolution has become extortion (taxes is a silly word), kidnapping, killing innocent civilians, kidnapping unbalanced youth to join the group. You are absolutely right Mr Raj, I believe many young guys have joined because of fighting with parents or problem with girl friends and list goes on as you said. Ideologies can never be democratic and peaceful. Dedicated persons of the groups are senior leaders who still stands with the ideologies of the group. That’s gr8. Then where are we heading towards? These freedom fighters are fighters against freedom, and freedom of everything. They fight for themselves so that no body gets freedom. They buy new properties in Imphal, Guwahati, Delhi, Bangalore extra. Why don’t they give up violence, fight elections and serve us? We will vote for them and give them a chance to show their worth….


    Very well said Mr D S Mayanglambam, in his Incredible Manipur, Manipuri’s realities on 07 Nov 10. Its actually the generations decades old that has made our state narrow minded in view of the fighting for indigenous Manipuris by the brother with weapons. Everyone supports because of fear of life. Our state is introduced as Jewel of India every other place coz it is a jewel and we have to maintain its prosperity. How is it possible? A point to ponder as it’s a long process. Easy money, corruption, taxes, percentages have become a daily affair. Demands of cash are already into the heads of the youth who are lured by our so called freedom fighters to join their groups.
    Ultimately evil created in our society by these fighters may not be eliminated completely but slowly as the public awareness of their treacherous attacks on innocent civilians, discriminations, persecutions in name of mayangs, is realised by us in right spirit. This is only possible when young and next generation grown up students wake up and realise that breaking through darkness of our lives will help us to be a ray of light to illumine our state with peace, joy, love and forgiveness.
    Iron Lady Irom Sharmila has already celebrated tears of unhappiness on completing her 10 years of fast unto death. The NGO’s and her supporters are behaving to gain popularity on her great work. Has any one ever tried to stop her fast unto death? With no disrespect to her as I earlier commented, I feel that good great Iron lady is being used by others.

    Raj Kumar Surjit

  10. ঙসিগী মনিপুরগী ফিভম মও‍ং মরিল তাবা ৱাপতৌনা তৌরে ৷ মসি ঐখোয়না ঐখোয় মশেল অমনা অমদা পংতায়তা তাইনশল্লগা ফরক্কদবদি নত্তে ৷ ঐখোয়গী ইশাগী ওইবা সমাজকী ওইবা অশোয়বা কয়াঅমনসু ঙসিগী ওইরিবা মনিপুরগী ফিভমসি ওইহনলকপনি হায়বদা য়াম্না লানবা ৱাফম ওইগ়নি নিংদে ৷ ময়াম্না তোয়না হায়নবা সরকারসু শোয়, প্রজাসু শোয়, নহারোলসু শোয় হায়বসি নৈনন্নিংঙাই ওইবা মচাক্নি ৷

  11. করি করিনো নখোয়না ঙাংনরিবশিংদু ? মরৈ পংয়েত্‍তা য়ে‍ত্‍নরগা কান্নবা করিসু লৈতে ৷ ঞ্জান তানা ইংনা খন্নরগা ৱারি শান্নবা য়াবনি ৷


    It takes an impossible situation for almighty to do a miracle. Its miracles which are taking place in our Kangliepak where people are realising for normalcy in the state. See the situation from past months, violence has gone done, development has hit the roads, people are into curbing the support to these insurgents. Lots and lots of activities for peace, development taking place in our state. Apart from these activities still there exists a black mole in our society. “EXTORTION” Extortion is a menace which is crippling our society. Government should take more intense steps to curb this menace. Its never the wrong time to do the right thing. Like how zero garbage disposals, go green have started in our state. These exorcists oh sorry extortionists, should be made the scapegoats so that people realise it and the governance recognised. Then the Ground situation of our state will be felt by every citizen and our Jewel of India will be turned to be an actual JEWEL. This is a real food for thought for actual existing people in and out of Manipur. We must contribute our best to stop this menace.

  13. Brother D.Singh…….lets give our innocent public a space to vent out their anger and frustration…. it is inevitable in a conflict situation…. we are all facing the heat of the conflict….but a time will come when the masses realise the root cause …people will seek the truth… and lets remember….Democracy is built on liberty, justice and equality…. the present political system of Manipur is not built on these foundations and as Lincoln once said…. you can fool some people all the time and all the people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time….time will come …for our emancipation but we have to struggle hard…

  14. I smell something fishy with one of the comments given above. lol
    Raj, I really love to read your comments. They are very realistic, hope this will open up the minds of those dumb peoples.

  15. Corruption undermines our state in all spheres of life of the people. it is one of the main root causes of the present problems in the state. The actors involved should be stigmatized by the state like committing incest taboo. this will be the only solution to curbing corruption. Defamation by the state- by your own child,relatives,neighbors and fear for this stigma will surely help in the development of the state. corruption is learned human behavior, so the incest. incest is checked by the stigma it carries and not by the Law and imprisonment .

  16. Corruption undermines in all spheres of life in Manipur. Its a learned behavior as we were not born with corrupt genes. Actors involved should be stigmatized like committing incest in the state. Incest is checked and feared not by Law and imprisonment but the stigma it carries in the state to those who committed. Fear for defamation by your own child,relatives,neighbours for committing crime will surely help in curbing corruption which will lead to all round development of the state.

  17. Dear Raj……
    I would love to agree with your idea…….
    Indeed these UG’s are like rodents….. They are the real culprits of our State. Not the philanthropist!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mr.Raj i do not agree with your equation. Ideologies of our brothers are very democratic and peaceful. They sought aid from public for a cause-for the freedom of the state, people, you and me, in the form of tax from both public and private institutions and from general public. Many have adopted the policy of stopping collecting aid from general public. From my personal experiences i think general public intimidates our “protector” as no one is lavish and willing to help them. If all are united- the public as well as all brothers of different groups, achieving goal/s will not be a big deal. The victims of extortion are not always the innocent ones you know in your locality. Unruly are always check.

    • Mr. Singh,
      I agree that the ideologies of the groups are democratic and peaceful but it’s only on papers. I have met seniors of some of those groups. They are very knowledgeable, very dedicated persons. But the points here are: (1) Do they really follow their ideologies? Who gave them the right to kill someone? Is it right to kidnap innocent children and force them to join the group? How many of the members joined the groups just because they want to do something for Manipur? (I bet very few…. many joined because they fought with parents, wanted money…. the list goes on and on).

      • Mr. Raj I really appreciated with you!! Nobody has the right to kill others. Its not our task, live and dead is in the hand of God only. It will be better if we let the Almighty God to do his duty. They might not know the value of one’s life, if they are human and want to know they can ask to somebody who lost his/her – son/daughter/husband/wife/father/mother etc. Ultimately, we are human so we should live like human being…

  19. Well said, M.S. Mayanglambam. Those UGs, so called “freedom fighters” are fighter for themselves not for Manipur. They are doing nothing good for the people. They collect tax from almost every offices, business houses. They get a cut for every government projects. Guy, if u wanna get rich in no time, go join a UG group. May all these people rot in hell. If anyone can survive in Manipur, he/she can survive in any place of the world, whether it is Afghanistan, or Africa Jungle.

    Law and order & the infrastructure of the state do not support running a business. Bandhs, stike, electricity problems… on top of that these f##kers. If anyone is seen doing well, hey go and pull them down. Hope these mindless people get some senses enough to let other people live.


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