Khuga contractors brief minister of problems


From Our Correspondent

LAMKA, Nov 7: The Khuga Dam Joint Action Committee leaders briefed the IFCD minister N Biren Singh about the local contractor problem today. During meeting the JAC were informed that many liability due to the contrctor were left out and according to official recognisation only 30 percent have been issued in favour of the JAC liability.

The JAC soon after coming back to Churachandpur, convent a meeting have decided to incest full amount of payment to the contractor from the government. During the meeting the JAC members present questioned what happened to the remaining 70 percent of the money sanction from the government while expressing their surprise.

The JAC leader while speaking to correspondent IFP said that they were concerned about the hold district and claiming that they were protecting the interest of tribal feels concern about the existent of other contractor forum which they accuses the government is odd orchespraping to excess due to they can play a divide and rule among the contractors.

During the meeting with minister the JAC leader said they were shown cheque list of spillway.

The JAC further said from the list they come to know that the cabinet sanctioned rupees one crore each for all component but not even half of the money sanction were not written in the cheque.

They were also protesting the concern mminister cheque list as had been shown to them on the ground that some of the cheque were term as doubling and while terming it as an attempt to deduce percentage by the department concern.

As A result the JAC have decided during the meeting today to take up drastic action from tomorrow against the Khuga Dam Authorities till the Khuga Dam is made ready fit to be able to give out or the promise benefit to the people from all component.


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