Langli village complains of official apathy


IMPHAL, Nov 3:The R Langli Village has submitted an ultimatum to Rishang Keishing, M.P, Rajya Sabha, Manipur for not providing compensation and also for the non-availability of water supply project at the village.

In the ultimatum, the chairman stated that the substitute chawkidar has been working with no pay ever since the previous chawkidar expired.

They mentioned that they had submitted an ultimatum to the Minister PHED on December 15, 2007 as well however, no action has been taken up so far. It also stated that they were threatened by the police at Kamjong P/S, KDC office bearers and unlawful parties to withdraw the ultimatum.

According to the village authorities, the MP promised to appoint chawkidar, linemen & other employees under the R.Langli village water supply scheme to the local men and that land compensation would also be paid however non localities were appointed for the same. The village people have now demanded that if the matter is not looked into within thirty days they would take action for the same.


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