Moljol chief killed for supporting new Kuki outfit says UKLF


IMPHAL, Nov 27: The United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) today clarified that the village chief of Moljol Khunou identified as Ngamkholet Baite was given capital punishment not because he was the village chief but for his misdeed as an advisor of the Kuki National Liberation Front (KNLF).

A press conference was held in this connection somewhere in Chandel district today in which publicity and information secretary of the UKLF, JM Zou, alleged that late Ngamkholet Baite was the advisor of a newly floated KNLF group which is not under the SoO.

According to JM Zou, Ngamkholet was the mastermind behind various activities disturbing the peace process. Ngamkholet was responsible for the tax collection by the KNLF from poppy farms located at Moljol area besides that recruitment of 10 youths from Sugnu area to KNLF in October this year.

Further he alleged that Ngamkholet has also planned an attack on UKLF at its outpost at Sajik Tampak and designated camp at Moulvaiphei.

JM Zou, claimed that the KNLF is a group floated from Myanmar side who were later trained by the KNA at Tengnoupal area. Later they were stationed at Churachandpur area where their group splited. Some remained at Churachandpur while some in Myanmar.

While stating that the UKLF has high regards for the chiefs, JM Zou warned any chief or public leader not to involve in floating up new militant groups or have links with militant outfit not under the SoO. Moreover he added that forming of new groups or such disturbed the peace atmosphere and the Government as well as the public is against it.

Failing to comply with the warning the UKLF will give same punishment given to Ngamkholet, said JM. Zou.

In the meantime, JM Zou also asked Chungjalen Haokip, another advisor of KNLF, claiming that he was a close associate of late Ngamkholet, involved in various misdeeds, to surrender before the UKLF within November this year failing which he will be awarded the same punishment awarded to Ngamkholet.


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