Moreh rallies to demand Meghen whereabouts


From Our Correspondent

MOREH, Nov 15: Kha Nongpok Apunba Nupi Lup, Moreh expressed their concerned over the failure of the government to disclose whereabout ofs of the chairman of the UNLF, RK Meghen who was reportedly arrested by the Bangladesh police and Indian Intelligence officials from Dhaka.

Condenming over the negligence of the state government in taking initiative to trace out whereabout of the UNLF chairman till today despite of hue and cry from various circle of civil society of the state, the statement of the lup mentioned that the present atitude of India government in connection with the Mehgen arrest is totally violating the domocratic norms.

It is the total violation of human rights and the attitude of the India government to remain undiclosure of whereabout of Rk Meghen shows the clear picture of value less treatment of the people of the state and it this jucture it would not be justified for the state government to remain in silence.

The statement further appeal the government to initiate the activities to led the people of the state know whereabout of the Rk Meghen and produce through rule of the law in the nearest future, and if the government fails to feel the sentiments of the people the lup is ready for taking up various forms of agitation in thenearest future to come, the statement added.


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