MPP blasts Central government for concealing whereabouts of Meghen


Imphal, Nov 29: By keeping the whereabouts of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) chairman Sanayaima alias RK Meghen under wraps, the Government of India is guilty of violating its own Constitution, said Manipur People’s Party (MPP) president, Dr Nimaichand Luwang today at its office in Imphal.

In a press briefing on the sideline of a meeting of its office bearers, advisors, MLAs and Kendra leaders in an unusually short notice on the issue concerning the rebel leader, Dr Luwang said that the Government of India is cheating on the people of Manipur by playing a dictatorial authority and acting unilaterally in concealing the UNLF chief even going against the solid grounds of the veracity of Meghen’s alleged arrest from Bangladesh in the last week of September being confirmed initially by BCC news and later by Bangladesh Communist Party who relayed it to its counterpart in India.

“After having received the information of the alleged arrest of the rebel leader from Bangladesh last September, a joint statement was sent by MLA O Joy and me (Dr N Luwang) to the Prime Minister of India seeking clarification as the case was shrouded in mystery. Again on November 4 another memorandum was sent to the Prime Minister by MPP seeking similar clarification. A reminder to that effect will soon be sent again,” he claimed.

He went on to said on what transpired in today’s meeting saying, “the meeting has resolved to act on two important agendas: First, that MPP condemns GK Pillai, Union Home Secretary, who in his recent visit to the State last month had assured the people of Manipur that he would confirm the whereabouts of RK Meghen and inform the people about it at the earliest possible date but has since remained stoically silent.

“Second, that MPP again demands to know the status of the arrested rebel leader and will therefore send a follow-up memorandum reminding the Prime Minister of India to unravel the veil of mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Meghen.”

On a similar vein, MPP also condemned the Government of Manipur for not pressurizing the Central government sufficiently on Meghen’s case.

In the meanwhile, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh has returned from his short sojourn in Delhi today. Before he left for Delhi, he had informed that a meeting with Union Home Minister on the issue of Meghen was on the itinerary. Now that he has returned, he should inform the people of Manipur and clear the air of Meghen mystery, said Dr Luwang.


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