MU women hostellers demand removal of warden


IMPHAL Nov 3: Irate hostellers of Manipur University ladies hostel No. 1, (Urerei Hostel) held a protest within the university campus today demanding the removal of the Hostel warden and the caretaker. The protest broke out following the imposition of unreasonable fines slapped on the students by the warden. Reports stated that a fine of Rs 50 was imposed on the hosteliers in case the students left scraps of food from their daily meals. The warden also imposed another stricture that the girls should be inside their rooms by 5 pm and meals cannot be brought inside the hostel rooms.

The rules have been implemented since yesterday and the warden had threatened that anyone found violating the norms should leave the hostel. Some of the girls complained that fines have been collected from them for coming late and no receipt acknowledging the formal order was given to them.

Today, the warden Kanchan Sharma allegedly told three students to vacate their rooms following their non compliance of her norms. A MCA 1st year student namely L Tamubi was told to leave the hostel on the charge of not finishing her meal and another two students Golmei Jeluna and Asinmei were also ordered to leave on the charge that both of them had their meals together inside Asinmei’s room. Following the announcement, the outraged boarders refused to go inside the hostel until the warden Kanchan Sharma and caretaker L.Ragini Devi are replaced immediately .Complaints from the students further states that the warden and the caretaker remain deaf to the complaints raised by the girls and both of them allegedly keeps some undergraduate girls at the hostel at present when there are university students waiting to apply for rooms at the hostel.

Late reports stated that a tussle broke out between the boarders and the security persons after negotiations between the students and the university dean failed to arrive to a conclusion.

IFP reporter who went to cover the incident was denied entry by the security posted at the university gate on grounds that no one is allowed inside the campus without prior permission from the vice chancellor of the institution.


  1. I’m about to laugh on the topic..Topic is related to Warden and the girls facing problems out there in the campus..But it seems people are going off the topic..
    Again bringing the same old fight b/w so called INDIANS and NORTH-EAST..
    What is this s**t..
    Common guyz lets be practical..
    Come out from the graves now and enjoy each and every second of our life..
    Lets not fight to each other because of such incidents..
    Problems are every where in every country but we need to deal with it rather then getting annoyed and mingling in verbal fights or by playing hard with your fingers on keyboards..!!

  2. I can’t believe you guys are still discussing this. This is turning into a playground for racists. Move on people, there are better things to discuss. Try something good.

    I agree with Shiva ….”waroisin di soidana purakkadabani…apang douna sum nungtigi kanadabada ungkhatnaraga leigadro?”…

    Let’s talk something good about Manipur. Are we so starved of such positive attitude that we need to whine all the time. we have so much POSITIVE energy to share.

    Please, let’s have discussions like this:

  3. khadrak, eidi pamdene angang macha machana bike ka thouraga matam manghanba, peisa manghanba, nisa chabado…nangdi manipur da leiba malli…khara tourakudana narin palladi madusingdu thingnaba…ei nangbu sengna thagatke adu oiradi…adusu nattana wa na thang yanbadi tounuhe!!

    eidi thajarude nang asuk panglamgani haibadi…kadaidagi office ta thou chinduna leiribi eidi karigi una lenghangadouriba…lairik tamlakee eba paba ngammi haidunasu pungee eeganu…kanadabani…khara khanbana fagani khalli khut thadringeida…

    waroisin di soidana purakkadabani…apang douna sum nungtigi kanadabada ungkhatnaraga leigadro?

  4. বসন্ত অমদি লিয়ানা, য়াম্না শাওবা মাল্লি ৷ কন্না লাওরগা শাওনা ঙাংলগা মীনা কিনি খনবগীরা নত্রগা অপাবনা অচুম্বনি লৌখিনি খনবগীরা? পুক্নিং ফাথবা তমসি, অশাওবনা অফবা পুরকপগী মহুত্তা অমাং অতা ওইনা অয়াম্বা থোকহল্লি ৷ ঐনা মমাংদা ইখ্রে, তোঙান তোঙানবা লমগী অইং অশা অমদি ফিভমগী মতুং ইন্না তোঙান তোঙানবা চত্‍নবী লৈ হায়না ৷ অফ-ফত খন্থদনা মীগীদা তৌই হায়দনা ঐখোয়গীদসু তৌ হায়বদুদি চুমদব্রা খল্লি ৷ অফবা মহৈরোয় ওইনবগীদমক্তা অতোপ্পা বিস্ববিদালয়দা পুং কয়াফাও কোইবা য়াই নত্রগা নুমিদাং পুং কয়াদা হনজলকপা য়াই হায়না থিবদু মরু ওইবা নত্তে ৷ মরু ওইরিবদি মহৈরোয় অমা ওইনা মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গী মীংচত্‍ করম্না পুরকসিগে হায়না খনবদুনি ৷ মতৌ করম্না কন্না হোত্‍নদনা অতোপ্পা দেল্হী নত্রগা বেঙ্গলোরদা তম্বা মহৈরোয়শিংদগী হেন্না মপুং ফাবা ঞ্জান ফংগনি হায়না খনবদুনি ৷ ডেল্হী মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়দা চত্‍নবা খুদিংমক অফবনি হায়না মতৌ তমগদবা নত্তে ৷ মীগী চত্‍নবী মতৌ তমজনিংবা হায়বসি ৱাখল মপুং ফাদবা মীগী মওংনি ৷ মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গী অফবশিংসু অতোপ্পা বিস্ববিদালয়গী মহৈরোয়শিংনা মতৌ তম্নাহল্লু ৷ হৌজিক ইরাং হৌরিবা ছাত্রিশিংনা মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গীমক্তা চাওথোকচবা ফাওজদবা মাল্লি ৷ মখোয় মশাদা মশানা হকথেংন্না মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গীমক্তা করি মিংচত্‍ পুরক্কে খল্লি অমদি মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গীদমক্তা কয়াম্না চাওথোকচবা ফাওবগে হায়না হঙহন্নিংবা ফাওই ৷

  5. S**** the warden and all the ppl supporting her! If you guys wanted to make strict rules in hostels then you should have tried your luck in other states first. Manipuris have the right to live as any other students in other parts of the country in the hostels. Why doese’t the warden imposed such lame rules in Delhi University hostels? Is she scared that she will be kicked out?

  6. khadrak ki wafamsida khadrak taba ama yaore…mapal da lairik tamliba students singna manipur gi education system da ahongba khara puraknaba khalli…aduga khadrakna amaromda lanna khalle…

    chummi eikhoi fana khanbagi heinabi leigadabani,,,afabasu khangadabani… adubu aranba leirabadi madu chumthokpagi heinabisu leigadabani. India gi attopa city singda leiriba university singga eikhoi gi MU ga karigidamak comparison yaroidage. Attoppa India gi university singda Evening Class ki facility lei, eikhoigi MU da su madu houdokpada karigi kaige? Eina haibadi eikhoina pung 5 tabaga yumgi thong thongnao londunatta leigadaba natte…University gi campus ta open environment leiba haibasi yamna darkar oi…nattragadi nahak karamna chaokhatlakkani…Karigi MU Library da numidang lairik paba yaroidage? Students sing hostel da gi numidang anakpagi Library faoba chatpada thinglagadra? Pung 5 da hostel close touragadi masi oithokkadra? Masi hairedana students khudingmak afaba tougani haibadi natte…oibasu yaroi.. kanagumba kharana fagani kanagumba kharana faroi…hounasi, nattabarane!!

    wahang amata hangjage : nahak na research touningle khallasi…hostel dagi pung 5 gi matung da thokpa yadre…resource su nangi room da fangdare…nang kari tougani…mang manglaga research tougadra?

    Eikhoi gi mind si aduk hakna conservative oigada natte houjikki matamda…mapung faraba masana masagi wakhal khanjaba ngamlaba miyoi amagi hak matpasu chumde? Masigi hakki damak ta natra ngasi eikhoigi Manipur gi oiriba fibamse? Ahongba purakpa tabani…kidunata leigadaba natte eikhoi…

    Amaromda nupi singbu aduk namthaduna thamgadaba natte…manipuri nupi afaba mayam ama leiri eikhoi emangda ngasi…makhoisingdugi thakta puraknaba hotnagadabani… adudi nattana fattaba singduda based touraga manipuri nupi khudingmak pubadi yaroi… soiragadi chumthokpa eikhoi gi ethouni…adubu hanthana yengba mityeng dudi tokkadabani…

    College or University leiragadi, students singgi revolution haibasi mafam khuding da leiribani…authority na madubu tafam thokee, maram khangdokkadabani, solution purakkadabani…soidana pendaba leifam thokee…eikhoisu hostel da leirakee…asoiba khanglakee authority gi…facitiy watlakee…adubu authority na sukta tabidradi masana revolution lakee…this is quite common everywhere.. tin yaoba chak pijaraba, hawaida nung toina yaoraba, lashida apumba manam namlaba…nahakpu chakhidara chakto?? Natraga nongfadok thamak ama chatlubadagi thengna hallakpa, library da lairik parubei thengna hallakpa, ngaihak walking chatlubada thengna hallakpa…campus manungda haifet koirubada thengna hallakpa..masidi nahakpu gate tagi changhandraba natraga nangi nama napada phone touduna nacha si lamchat fajadre tamlabadi nang kari khanni? Haraogadra?

    Panjaribasini masi ngaktana eikhoina touningbata tougadaba natte…eina suk wangna lairik tamlaga ei karigi laisu khangloidage? Open atmosphere ama leiba haibasi Education bu chaokhatnaba hotnabada yamna mateng oi… tangai fadana MU gi campus manungdasu masi leifam thokee…manipur da leiriba praja singnasu mateng panggadabani…aduga aranba natei chadaba thabak touragadi karigi eikhoi tumminna leigani..??

    Apikpa echam chamba thoudok ni, masida manipuri pumnamakki ejat manghangadabasu natte…aranba, pendaba dudi soidana tafam thokee… nungsit sittana una lengdabani…masikhakta khangbiyu…

    • শিবা, নহাক্কী ইরিবাময়ামসে পারুরগা থাগত্‍নিংবা ফাওই মনিপুরগী অফবা পুরক্নবা খনবদুগীদমক্তা ৷ অদুদা লুরিবদি অফবা পুরক্নবা খনবা খুখনদুদা অফাওশানিংবগী ইহুল অমা লোত্‍পদৌনা তৌবসিনি ৷ কৈসু কায়দে ঐখোয়সু নহা ওইরিঙৈদা মী থানদবা অখং-অহৈ শান্নিংবগী ইহুল অদুমমক খরদি ফাওখি ৷ হৌজিক্তা ঐনা অফাওবা শাখিবা মী উশিত্‍লুদবা ময়ামদু তৌরমদবসূ য়াবনি খল্লকপগী ৱানি ৷
      নহাক্কী ৱাহৈদা অরানবা লৈরদি চুমথোকপগী হৈনবী লৈগদবনি হায়বসি তাবদা ফজৈ ৷ অদুদা অরানবনি নত্তে হায়বসি কমদৌনা খঙগদৌরিবনো? অঙাং অমনা চুম্মী হায়না লৌবদু অহল অমগী মীয়েংদদি অঙাংদুনা খঙদদনা লান্না লৌবনি খঙলম্বসু য়াই ৷ মী-মীগী ৱাহন্থোক অমদি খনথবা ঙম্বগী থাক্কী মখাপোন্না অচুম অরানগী ৱাহন্থোকসু খেত্‍‌নৈ ৷ ইনখত্‍লক্লিবা নহা অমনা গাড়ী মচা থৌদনা ঙাওশিনদনা মতম মাংহনবনচিংবা তৌবদু নহাশিংগী মিয়েংদদি য়াম্না লান্না উরমদবসু য়াই – অদূবূ অহল-লমন মমা-মপা ওইবশিংগী মফমদি ইবুংঙো ইবেম্মা নঙনা তৌরিবদূ তৌনূ ফত্তে হায়গদৌরিবনি ৷ অদুদা অতোপ্পা খরা হেন্না ঙাওশিন্নবা মমান্নবশিংনা হায়গৌরিবনি, উস নখোয়গী অহল লমনশিংসি য়াম্না ফত্তেহে ঐখোয়গীদি পূরা ফ্রিনি ৷ খরা পংতক তৌবা নহাশিংনদি মমা-মপানা তৌরিবদু ফত্রবোই নিংদনা মমা-মপা অহল লমনশিংদুগা খত্‍না লাওনা তৌগদৌরিনি ৷ অসিগা হায়রপ মান্নবা মওংনি হৌজিক MU দা থোক্লিবা ইরাংসি ৷ ইংনা তপ্না লৈজবা মহৈরোয়শিংসি মপানগী কাংবূ খরনা অখং-অহৈ শারগা ইরাং হৌহনবনি হায়বা, নত্রদো?
      অসুম্না কান্নদবা মওংদা লান্না খঞ্জলগা ইরাং থোকহনবগী মহুত্‍‌তা ডেল্হীদা করি তম্লী, করি করি ষ্টদি মেতেরিএল ফংই, কমদৌনা ইরমদমগী মহৈরোয়শিংদা ঈ-মেলদনি খঙদে ৱেবসাইট অমগী মতেংননি খঙদে য়ৌহনলগা তাথোক তাশিন তৌনবা হোত্‍নবনা হেন্না ফরোয়দ্রো? অদুদি নত্তনা হোশ্তেল পুং কয়াদা চঙহল্লি চঙহন্দে ইরাং হৌহন লৈরগা হেন্না অফবা পুরক্কনি থাজবা ৱাত্‍‌লি৷
      মনিপুর বিস্ববিদালয়গী ওইনদি Department অয়াম্বা থোং লোল্লি হায়বসি ঐনা অমুক পল্লুদ্রবসু ময়াম্না খঙলিবনি ৷ অদুনা অখং অহৈ শাদনা ঐখোয়না পংহায় হায়রুবগী কান্নবা লৈতে ৷ অদুগা অমনা মনিপুরদা তম্বীনবা মী য়াম্না ৱাত্‍‌লি অদুনা হৌজিকমক্কী ওইনদি Evening class কী ওইথোকপা খরা ৱাখিনি খল্লি ৷ মদুগীদমক্তা ৱানা খঞ্জনবীরুনূ মতমনা মদূগী ওইথোকপস‍ু শোয়দনা পুরকখিনি খল্লি ৷
      অয়ুক পুং ৮দগী নুমিদাংরাইরম পুং ৫ ফাওবদা রিসর্শ তৌনিংদ্রগা গাইতকা লোইনা হন্নখ্রবা মতমদা রিসর্শ তৌনিংবা ফাওরকপা হায়বসি নহাক্কী ৱাখলগী কলপনা নত্তনা অতৈ ওইরোয় ৷ মনিপুরদদি অশাবা লমদা ওঝাশিংনা নুংথিল পুং ২-৩ তাবদা থেংনা লাক্লগা নুমিদাং পুং ৯-১০ ফাওবা লৈবা অদুগুম্বা ওঝাশিং য়াওদে ৷ ঙন্না লাক্লগা ঙন্না চত্‍নবা ঙাক্তনি ৷ নখোয় ডেল্হীদা ওঝাশিং থেংনা লাক্লগা নখোয়শূ থেংনা লৈতবা য়াদদনা লৈবদু অফবনি খনগ়নূ ৷ নরিল পাল্লবদি পুং ১০দা ওঝাশিং লাকহল্লু অদুগা পুং ৬ কুম্বদা লোয়শিন্নবগী অফবা চত্‍‌নবী অমা ঙম্নবা হোত্‍নৌদনা, মৈতৈ মচানি হায়গে ৷ অদুদি ঙম্লোয়নে অদুগা মীগী থেংনা হৌগত্‍লগা থেংনা থবক তৌহনবদু ফবোই নিংলিগা অফাও শাদনা অশোমদু চত্‍নহন্নবা থৌজল্লিবদূ চুম্লিব্রা? অফবা অচুম্বা হায়বদূ হান্না ফজনা নৈনদুনা য়েংবা ফৈ ৷ অর‍ং-অরাক্তা ঙাওরোয়শি অফ-ফত্ত খনদনা মীগী মতৌ তমগুমসি ৷ অদুগা করিগূম্বা মতমদা রিসর্শ তৌবশিংগী ওইনদি থেংনা লৈবা দরকার ওইরবা মতমদা মশাগী গাইদত্তুনা ৱার্দেনদা পুং কয়া থেংলক্কনি হায়বনচিংবা খঙহনলকপা য়াই ৷ মসিদা থোইদোকপা ইসু অমা ওইনা খন্ননিংঙাই ওইদে ৷ ইহৌসিদা ৱার্দেন্না নুপিশিং নমথনবা হোত্‍নবনি হায়না নহাক্না লৌশিনবদুমক্তি অচুম্বা ওইরমদবা য়াই ৷ আদুগা মসিদা অকন অরিং শিংনদনা শোই-শোয়দে হায়না নহাক্না মতম মাংনা থিরুবগী কান্নবা কয়া লৈগদৌবা মান্দে ৷ অদুগী মহুত্‍‌তা ফজবা মওংদা ঞ্জান তান্না ৱারী ৱাতাই শান্নরগা ৱারোইশিন অমা পুরক্নবা হোত্‍নবনা হেন্না ফগনি খল্লি ৷ নুংশিত্‍ শিত্তনা ঊনা লেংদে হায়বা অরোয়বগী প্রামানদু ফজৈ, অদুদা নুংশিত্‍ শিত্তনা ঊনা লেংলিবশি করিগীনো হায়বদা য়োং খরনা ঊশা নোম্লগা শান্নবা য়াওবগীনি ৷

  7. মসি ৱার্দেন শৌগত্‍পগী ৱাফম নত্তে ৷ লান্না লৌশনলগা ইরাং হৌরিবা ছাত্রিশিংগী ফন্নবা খল্লগা হায়নবনি ৷ ৱাথোকসিগা মরী লৈননা এলহাবাদকা ইম্ফালগা চাংদম্নবা চুম্লোয় ৷ এলহাবাদতা নুমিদাং পুং ১২-১ ফাওবা দুকান হাংই বাজার হাংই, গাড়ী চেন্থোক চেনশিল তৌই ৷ নুমিদাংগী মতমদনা হেন্না মী শোপ্পিং চত্‍‌নৈ ৷ মখোয়গীদমক্তা ওইনদি পুং ১০ দা অথিংবা থম্লবা ফাওবা ঙনম্নখ্রবনি হায়নিংই৷ অমরোমদা ইম্ফালদদি নুমইদাংৱাইরম ৫ তাদ্রিঙৈদগী বাজার থোং লোনবা হৌনরে, লম্বী সোরোক্তা মী চত্‍‌পা হন্থরে ৷ মনিপুরগী ওইরিবা ফিভম ময়াম্না হেন্না খংলিবনি ৷ ফত্ত-নুংদ থোক্লবদি কনাগী দাইত্যনো থিনরক্কনি ৷ অদুনা পুং ৫ গী অথিংবদূ থম্বা ওইগনি ৷ ইম্ফালসূ এলহাবাদ, দেল্হী, কলকাতাদা তৌবগূম্না নুমিদাং পুং ১২-১ অদুৱাইফাও বজার হাংহনল্লু, মী চথোক চশিন তৌহনলূ, অদু ওইরবদি পুং ৫গী অথিংবদূ পুং ১১ গী ওইহনলকপসু য়াই ৷ মফম মফমগী খেত্‍নবা ফিভমশিংদূ মতূং ইন্না মফম মফমদুগী খেত্‍নবা চত্‍নবী নিয়ম নিতি শেম্লিবনি ৷ মসি ফত্‍তনবা শেম্বদি নত্তে ৷
    ঐনা অসুম খনবদা নখোয়গুম্বা মপানদা লাইরিক তম্বা ঐখোয় এলাহাবাদতদি, দেল্হীদদি, বেঙ্গলোরদদি পুং অসুকফাও চংবা য়াই নখোয়গী MU গী পুং ৫ অদুদি হেনম্নলে ইরাং হৌকা হায়দনা ইনসিনবা য়াওরমদৌ মানলি ৷ মুন্না খন্থরুরবদি MU ছাত্রিশিংগী পুং ৫ গী অথিংবদূনা এলাহাবাদকী ছাত্রিশিংগী পুং ৮ গী অথিংবদুদগী হেন্না ফ্রিদম ফ‍ংলিবনি ৷ মরমদি মিয়ান্না চত্‍থোক চত্‍‌শিন তৌনরিবসি নুমিদাং পুং ১১-১২ ফাওবনি ৷ ছাত্রিশিংদুগী ওইনদি পুং ৪ গী মমাংদা য়াদ্রবনি ৷ অমরোমদা মনিপুরগী য়েংসি, মীয়াম্না চথোক চত্‍‌শিন তৌনরিবসি থেংলবদা পুং ৭ ৷ MU ছাত্রিশিংগী পুং ৫ দা অথিংবা থমখ্রবনি ৷ হায়বদি MU ছাত্রিশিংগী ওইনদি মীয়াম্না চত্‍নদবা মতমগী পুং ২ খক্কী মমাংদগীনি অথিংবা লৈরিবসি ৷ অদুগা এলাহাবাদকী ছাত্রিশিংগী ওইনদি মীয়াম্না চত্‍নদবা মতমগী পুং ৪গী মমাংদগী অথিংবা লৈখ্রবনি ৷ এলাহাবাদতা নুমিদাং পুং ১০ গী মতুংদা চাক চান্নৈ হায়দনা মনিপুরদসু চাগদবনি হায়বা লৈতে ৷
    মহৈরোয় অমগী মরুওইবা মথৌশি মানা তম্লিবা মহৈদুগী মপুংফাবা ঞ্জান লৈনবা হোত্‍নবদুনি ৷ মসিমক্না মহৈরোয় অমা মতম চুপ্পদা লাইরিক্তা পাদুনা লৈগদবনি হায়বদুমক্তি ইনবদা খরা ৱাগনি ৷ মরমদি লাইরিক পানবা হোত্‍নবা ৱাখলদা পানিংবগী অপাম্বা ফাওবা চংই, হকচাং ফবা তাই ৷ অদুনা মরক মরক্তা লাইশোল ইশৈ, হকচাং শাজেল ওইনা জোগাগুম্বা তৌবা য়াই, ছুটি নুমিত্‍‌শিংদনা উন্ননিংবা মরূপ মপাংশিং ইমুং মনুংগী মীওইশিংগা মতম চানা উন্নরগা ৱারী ৱাতায় ঙহাক শাবা য়াই ৷ হায়রিবশিংসি তৌবদা ৱার্দেন্না অথিংবা পীরমগনি খন্দে ৷ অদুগা হায়রিবশিং অসি তৌবদা মহৈরোয় অমগী পুন্সিদা অমাংবা ওইরক্কদবা লৈতে ৷ চম্না অমদি ফনা খনবগী হৈনবী লৈনবা তৌসি ৷

  8. It clearly indicates from reading the comments above, those people supporting the warden are quite biased on the basis of race and wanting to show off their domination as in other places of India. I also studied at Allahabad in a deemed-university. There is a lot of freedom over there. Girl students can enter to their hostel till 8 pm on weekdays while it is extended till 8:30 to 9 pm on weekends. For boys, it was free to enter at any time.

    Then, why 5 pm in our Manipur University? I mean, students are not jailors as such. No one has to study 24 hours a day as such. Who the stupid guy is mentioning that student’s duty is to study only! Even if this rule is imposed in other hostels in other universities across the country, students would obviously oppose it. Note that wardens should not act as jail authority. Look here, the students staying in MU hostels are PG students, they obviously need some freedom. They are no more teenagers at all. Respect their freedoms too. Saying this doesn’t mean that they have to do anything they want which can destruct the atmosphere of a University. It’s quite okay, one comes back at 6 pm after class or after going out somewhere. Who the hell are you to impose any other rule. Rules are to be broken. If you are educated, know this – let the people decide their own rules, you can’t impose one.

    About the food waste, it is good not to waste food. But why should you impose fine for left outs. May be the food is not good. Yeah this is quite common. In my hostel in Allahabad too, food was so bad that everyone prefers to eat outside. But for the sake of lessening expenditures, students used to eat in our mess. Corruption is also there behind the scene. The quality must not be that good in case of MU too. It is okay to leave some food if you don’t like it. And these people who are so conscious of food waste in MU don’t act for the wastes in DU, or any other University hostels in India? You just don’t support your warden blindly.

  9. থকশি খাশি নাইবা অহল লমনশিংনা হায়বা ইনবা ঙম্বা হায়বসিমক মী অমা ওইবগী অচৌবা মগুন অমনি ৷ মী উত্‍‌শি থওইদবা অফাওবা শানিংলকপা হায়বসিমক নহা ওইরিবা ইনখত্‍লক্লিবা শিংগী ইহুলনি ৷ হায়রিবা অসি ইহুলসি ফাথবা ঙম্বা ঙমদবদুগী মতুং ইন্না অফবা মগুন চেনবা মী নত্রগা ফত্তবা মী হায়বদু ওইরক্কদৌরিবনি ৷ ঐখোয়না অঙাংশিং লাইরিক লাইসু তমহনবদা অফবা লমচত্‍ শাজত্‍কী ওইবা হিরম অমা ওইনা তমহনলক্তবসি অসি চাওনা শোইবনি ৷ হৌজিক্কী হৌরক্লিবা অঙাংশিংদা মতমসিগী মমা মপা ওইবশিংনা ময়ুমদা অঙাংসিংদা লমচত্‍ শাজত্‍কী মতাংদা তম্বীবা ইৱাত্‍ ৱাত্‍‌লে ৷ অদুনা হৌরক্লিবা অঙাংশিংদা লমচত্‍ ব্যাবহার ফজবগী থাকসি নোংমা নোংমগী নেমথরক্লি ৷ হায়বা ইনবা অখাং কনবা অঙাংশিং মতম খরগী মতুংদদি থিবদা ফ‍লক্তবা য়াবগী ফিভমদা লাকপসু য়ারিবা য়াত্‍‌নি ৷
    ৱাথোক অসি চুম্না ফজনা খন্নরবদি থোকফমদি থোক্তবনি ৷ অদুবু খন্নদ্রে শিংনবগী মওংদা খন্নখ্রে অদুননি ৱাথোকসে থোক্লিবসি ৷ ৱাথোকসি লোয়শিনবসু য়াম্না লাই অদুগা য়াম্নসু লুই ৷ হোশ্তেলদা লৈরিবা ছাত্রিশিংনা ৱার্দেন য়ুমগী অহল লমনগুম্বনি মানা মখোয়দা ঙাংলিবা তৌরিবা ময়ামদূ মখোয়গী অমদি ময়ামগী ফন্নবা মওংদা তৌবা ওইরমগনি খন্দোক্লবা ৷ নত্রগা ৱার্দেন্না ছাত্রিশিংদা কৌরগা ৱার্দেন অমা ওইনা হোশ্তেল পুনবা অমদি হোশ্তেলরশিংদা থকসি খাসি ঙাক্নবা তৌবনি হায়না চম্না ফজনা অশাওবা য়াওদনা ৱারী শারগা ঞ্জান তাহনবা ৷ অদু নত্রবদি ৱাথোকসি লোয়শিনবা খরা ৱাগনি ৷

  10. Blaming her totally is not right again.. It’s a messed up system and you can’t single out anyone and blame them. The warden tried to put some sense on the wards using strong tactics which is seen as a contempt to a modern society. pls join us here for more discussion.

  11. Dr Kanchan Sharma’s behaviour is totally to be blamed for the gherao in the hostel…She has crossed the limit and the students are coming out to show that they can no longer tolerate the obstinate behaviour of the warden….

    • হেলো নেপোলিয়ান, হ‍ংনিংবা অমা লৈরে ৷ ছাত্রনা ওঝা obstinate ওই হায়বা য়াব্রা নত্রগা ওঝানা ছাত্র obstinate ওই হায়বা য়াব্রা? ছাত্র ওঝানা হায়বা ইনফম থোকই ৷ নহাক্কী খুইসিদা ডা: কাঞ্চল শর্মা য়ানিংদবগী মমি তাবতৌনা তৌই ৷ ঐখোয়গী খনবদি ডা: কাঞ্চল শর্মা না ছাত্রিশিংদুগী মাংনবা খল্লগা তৌবা ওইরমগদৌবা মান্দে ৷ অদুগী মহুত্তা ছাত্রিশিংদু ঞ্জান তাহনিংদনা হায়বা ইনবা মিওইশিং ওইহন্নিংদনা তৌবা ওইরমগনি খল্লি ৷ লান্না ফত্তনা পংখন্তা খনজিনবসু ফত্তে ৷ অমবু ওইরে অমবু ওইরে ঞ্জান তামিন্নবা অমা চংই ৷ হুন্নাদুনা অমনা অমবু শিথনদুনা অফবদি ওইরক্লোই ৷

    • pl see the rulings of girls hostel of Manipal university and any occurance/incidents which helds in the hostel campus warden c’nt tolerate.the behaviour of Dr Kanchan is not so cruel as you are showing. she never crossed the per dicussion I saw that only few girls who are not getting chance to go outside of the hostel with their boy friends are blamming. she should do her job without interferance of anyone except university authorities/administration.

      • Dear Captain,

        You have a very narrow viewpoint, please do not comment with such bias. What do you exactly see of Manipuri girls? Is this what you have reflected in your comment? Please mind “everyone is not saint”, and you are also counted. So, there could be some as you allege. But please also note that if you happen to visit metropolis, people even go to PDAs in public places which, I guarantee, you never get to see in Manipur. So are you calling these people something???
        Please try to see from both the sides, what they have to say. And this is a personal request to you “Do not be so stubborn”. You will see some silver linings if you heed to my request.
        Acting like a Taliban isn’t the best of the choices my friend!

    • You have to grow up and judge the issue more mauturely.
      If you guys wanted to make strict rules in hostels then you should have tried your luck in other states first. Manipuris have the right to live as any other students in other parts of the country in the hostels. Why doese’t the warden imposed such lame rules in Delhi University hostels? Is she scared that she will be kicked out? You guys have to grow up from this sick mentality..


  13. 1. Wastage of Food is the crime against the State, Nation and Humanity. Punishment for this is worth and praise worthy.

    2. Boarders of the Hostel must be returnedto their rooms before 5 p.m. notified by the authority. Where they want to go after five p.m. ? Why ? After five p.m. is the time of study, not for roaming.

    As a professor of the University and the Director of the Research Institute I appriciate the stand of the warden and Congratulate her for proper action for the right cause.
    –(Dr.) Harish Allalabad University, Allahabad

  14. Congratulation Warden Madam! Well done. Reality is that this is the women era. Now none is no where indivisual. We are the responsible citizen of nation. Manipur is known as the women-oriented society. Therefore the young girls of Manipur should prepare themselves to shoulder the responsibility of the devloping Nation and soceity for which discipline, awareness and sincerety are very much essenitial. Dear girls please save the Food, Foodgrain, Water and power and try to be havitual to maintan the displene. Soceity and state both want your creative co-opration.
    I again thanks to the Warden for showing the light to the youth on their path going towards Citizenship and heumanity.
    –Dr.Vima ex- Profesor and Head, Burdwan University, Burdwan

    • dear prof vimal, the words are showing that you are the closest to Dr Kanchan. neither you are not so who can praise to a lady.t he person who left his own lady in her house is saying in the favour of another lady.I request your honour to come manipur university and save her life.

    • Dr Vimal I agree with you that manipuri women are more progressive and strong willed when compared to women from other states I also agree with you that wasting food is not good and that we have to save water and electricity (esp in manipur where both the resources are so scarce) but I donot agree moral policing on any anybody not least a PG student..
      I am a manipuri .I studied in one of the best residential schools in India..we were not allowed outside the Hostel anytime but during free time or when we were in hostel we were allowed to visit other dorms (and this was a school hostel)..colleges and universities have to exercise a lot more leniency when compared to schools..fining for wasting food is unheard of..why put so much food on a plate that one cant eat ..instead allow the students to have extra helpings if they want more..sometimes some students do not want ot eat the food being prepared then they wont eat it..what the big deal..Its a university hostel and university Students so the warden has to treat the students as such..If you treat PG students like kindergarden kids then you will only end up looking like a fool..

      And by the way Dr.vimal are you really a Doctor as in Medicine or a PHD..if you are then you have to brush up our english and spelling..May be they forced you to eat food in Hostel you didnot like and you spent all your time cursing your teachers instead of studying..

  15. I don’t know Dr. Kanchan Sharma but personally I feel she is a sincere person doing her duty for the welfare of the students residing in hostel.

    However, with due respect to her as Warden & as a person, I would appreciate her to enforce the rules and regulations in a milder way. She should not sound too arrogant while trying to put in the new rules. Behaving domminant and arrogant while implementing the rules may backfire as different places/regions/people have different cultures, views and style of working.
    Sincerety is the basis every managers but what set them apart is the skill of a particular manager to tackle a situation and implement the rules and bringing out the best from its subordinates.

    I hope, hostellers are matured adults (at least they think so), so a few evening sessions regarding the the ramification of food wastage along with some idea may work. Say, note down the name of the person who waste food and ask the kitchen warden to announce the name of the person in loudspeaker next time she come for meal to request her not to waste.

    As far as returning late in the evening, Dr. Kanchan can be very strict with the students .
    (1) first warning
    (2) Second warning (inform her gurdian/parents that next time if she break rule, then warden would be compelled to suspend her from the hostel)
    (3) Suspend her from the hostel for 1 month
    (4) expel her if a person turns out to be habitual offender

  16. Dear friends, better not to use Manipuri or Non Manipuri regarding the matter. Order to vacate the hostel for the matter that too in P.G. hostel is barbaric instead alternatives would be implemented. It really invited the protest. Wasting of food is not a good habit but there should be a prior notice or warning to the individuals when it happens provided the quality of food/ proportionate with the fees paid by the hostelers. Bringing the food from outside wont create a big issue because in the hostels it is common for parcels presented by parents/ friends for some special occasions. Warden should allow to have inside provided a clean disposal after all. I think girls wont make much dirty. Winter has been started in Manipur so, darkness starts from 4.30, viewing law and order situation of Manipur, 5 pm limit is ideal for outing and she can extend up to 7.30 pm for the entry.Persons staying far should not support warden regarding the matter without really sensing the plight of students.

  17. Dear Chinglemba, I agee with ur above statement “we have witness a girl from mu girls’ hostel with a boy were caught in an offensive position by the mu security” if something happens to hosteler Hostel warden will be responsible for same so, She strictly instructed to hosteler to be at Room or Hostel campus for security of the hosteler.

  18. i agree with Mr.Angoucha,some years back,we have wittness a girl from mu girls’ hostel with a boy were caught in an offensive position by the mu security.It is unforgetable.Above and all there are several cases about the same topic.It is not a racial issue.Let us keep our dignity secure.Don’t forget we are meeteimacha.Let us not make political.I have been in manipur university for years.I know and can understand each and every activities inside the mu campus wellDr.Kanchan is our guest.She is simply doing her duty.Let us think it again calmly,Dr.Kanchan is from other state,our impression will not be a good one.A student should always be a student.If we don’t agree with Dr.Kanchan’s attitute we could have asked through proper channel.We should not forget that we are related to a higher educational institution

  19. Dear commentrators, Iknow the strictness of Dr Kanchan somewhat she is related with this city. She knows what is the relation with this city.Anyhow when you show one fingure towards others pl see 4 are towards you.The university is not seeing what is going on in the warden’s residence.She is doing well for boarders.Welldone madam but see your hostel life of Bardwan university.Give a little chance to youngesters.

    • miss p sinha mam this is not the personal matter of a warden.if you r the closest to Dr kanchan pl dont throw mud upon yourself. She is performing her duty very sincerly and with dedication which is not possible by others in these days. Do,nt look towards the window glasses of her residence. Universiyy is looking towards the performence of the bold lady.

  20. Hae Man, Basanta. why are you wasting your time. Those guys ideally seating in front of some public cyber cafe had nothing to do just looking someone for passing their time. Actually you said quite well giving a scientific example but those guys will never try to understood even they know you are right, this is our human behavior which a common people do a lot not for someone like you who understood the issues and try to solve it but they are the those guys who never want solution but to extent the issues so that they can pass their time and enjoy the scene.

    Please forget it.

  21. Shortly speaking, if somebody is not happy or disturbed, there must be some reason. that reason we have to find it out not just by seating and writing something, hearing from someone wouldn’t help anyone. so just cut all the bullshit and let the authority do their work.

    Please don’t fight among yourself, damn sick people.

  22. I surprised to read the news that hostelers of Manipur University are demnding to remove Warden and caretaker from hostel on the grounds that Dr Kanchan is not violating the orders of university and strictly implementing the regulations of hostel.If hostel is providing proper hygeinic food there is no need to leave meal . As per Hon Suprime Court’s decision no punishment will be given but they can fined on the disobeying.All are IIndians the culture of all indians are same that is to respect the seniors”Gurur brahma gurur Vishnu gugur deo Maheshwar gurur sakshat parbrahm tasmai shri guruo namah.” and guru govind dou khare kake lagun paon balihari guru apne govind diyo batay.students are advised to solve the problems by accepting the challenge and cooprate the administration. Dr Kanchan no doubt you a challange seeker and best Guru.

  23. Well..! to begin with, a lot of comments can be seen directed towards “Race”. I think it will be inappropriate to bring in an element of racism without a “first hand experience”. So, I beg to differ from the commentators thus far on this point.

    If I may quote, “a fine of Rs 50 was imposed on the [sic]hosteliers in case the students left scraps of food from their daily meals” – I do think it is not good to leave scraps of food, but have we accounted for the quality of the food here? Does the warden ensure that it is hygienic, and can be downed through the throat? Sorry, I happened to stay at some hostels and found, almost everywhere, that the foods are really pathetic. So I really can’t help but to dig into it. No offense! but I think before we just jump into conclusions and start commenting in any one’s favor a small research is worth doing. Also if I may add, if the food quality is bad, the warden is on the wrong side of the line, if otherwise, the striking students are. Isn’t it worth a check, he he…

    Another quote, “…also imposed another stricture that the girls should be inside their rooms by 5 pm…” . If this rule is a university one, it is worth a review. It amounts to physical confinement. Instead of such regulation, the authorities must ensure a good atmosphere by safeguarding the bounds of the University and make it stand as a symbol of freedom. Also, on a brighter side, qualitative time can be spent in the laboratories instead of the confinement, though the university must make the laboratories accessible 24×7. Socially and pragmatically, for girls, the in-time can be at around 8 o’clock in the evening. And if the regulation is of the Warden alone, I think, being too autocratic is too much for an educator.

    Another one goes like this, “…meals cannot be brought inside the hostel rooms.” I think if the hostel doesn’t provide hourly meals, in however small the amount they may be (its healthy), this rule should go away. And the meals they sneaks in the rooms are a solace to the pathetic meals, at least in my experience. Of course, no illegal/intoxicating items should be there and it should, also, not be the main course provided in the mess. Though nobody will bring in-room meals, if meals are provided well . Its quite natural.

    Yet another, “..fines have been collected from them for coming late and no receipt acknowledging the formal order was given to them.” Yes, this is a little messy report on the part of the reporter, its a little bit confuzzy, ain’t it? Well, if the reporting is of money receipt for the fines collected, this is very wrong, I wouldn’t do that, so should she (the warden). If you take, give them their due acknowledgment. And if it means that the formal order for the rules is concealed, then I think there is no such rule at all. So the hostelers need not worry about that, just don’t give a damn if they ask for the fines. Just drop a letter (read complaint) in the box. (I wonder if any action is taken, though.)

    “Today, the warden Kanchan Sharma allegedly told three students to vacate their rooms following their non compliance of her norms. A MCA 1st year student namely L Tamubi was told to leave the hostel on the charge of not finishing her meal and another two students Golmei Jeluna and Asinmei were also ordered to leave on the charge that both of them had their meals together inside Asinmei’s room.” A Hitler in the making!! lol.. though a thorough check in the, supposedly, rule book is of utmost importance here. My administration point will be to well apprise the guardian of the developments first and a warning to the erring hosteler.. my wits ends here.

    Please check if this isn’t worth establishing its authenticity and take action accordingly, if and if-not. Please read the quote “…the warden and the caretaker remain deaf to the complaints raised by the girls…”.

    One last quote “…both of them allegedly keeps some undergraduate girls at the hostel at present when there are university students waiting to apply for rooms at the hostel.” If the warden and the accomplice is turning the hostel into their business house, it is totally a gross. The hostelers are also in fault for not bringing out the matter in time.

    So readers and commentators, my request is refrain form jumping into conclusions without knowing anything. Its a crime you are committing (1) racism & (2) favoritism, among others..


    • I hate this non Kangleiyol quarreling and fighting here in kanglei platyform.I order these stupid non Kangleiyol(mayang) to vanish from Kangleipak and sort out their issues at their respective home states!

    • Warden of a hostel is the guardian of the boarders .Their parents leave them and give all the facilities for study . hostel is responsible to provide proper hygienic food light,clean bathroom and sufficient time for study.If students are in the laboriteries they shoul to take proper permission from the guardian and they are with thier friends either sex and seen by the authorities and they complained to the warden( if you know the factspl).warden is also responsible to implements the rules and regulationsof Institution. food not to be wastage not to be left in the thali.This is not the question of Dr Kanchan but except hrer when other will be given responsibilities she will follow the provided regulation. The problems should be solved under the wall of house not outside the campus.There is no one in the favour of Dr Kanchan or others but we are supporting the hands who are able to implements orders of the authorities We are praising the boldness of a lady.We are not racism or favortism.Jai Hind Jai Manipur .

      • Oh Captain, My Captain… I must say your writing is not very clear to me. I don’t get many of your points. Can you please elaborate more and please put it in simple plain and not too much complex English.
        Regarding the sex you are mentioning (I prseume), there may be some stray cases. It is not only in Manipur University, you can find it all around the world. So if you are too pessimistic don’t let your mommies and sisies out, burqa-clad them and dump them in some dark corner of your house, lest that anyone should see them.
        I understand your point on Dr Kanchan, I do appreciate that. But remember Rome was not built in a day!
        You mentioned “Warden of a hostel is the guardian of the boarders.” That is exactly my point, so you handle your wards with love and care. Please remember “Respect should be commanded and not demanded”. If you are always nagging do this or that in a bossy tone you are actually demanding and not commanding.. If you show good things by exemplifying yourself, you naturally are idealized by your wards. Your are now commanding and they obey you.
        So much for now, ciao!

    • Dear Basanta,

      I am a Manipuri and I do not fully agree with your comments. A hostel is there for a reason and if the students cannot accept the rules, they should leave. I would not want my mother or sister to go out anywhere in the dark knowing the current situation in Manipur (not just the insurgents, thugs and goondas but the paramilitary forces swarming the areas pose a constant risk of being shot or molested or raped). This is the same university where a professor was shot dead on campus; remember?

      I agree though with your comment about access to laboratories, or library, and the university should look into these options. So should the students!

      There could be additional rules that require that a student staying out late should be with a family member like a mother or father or a guardian. We have given our students enough laxity that they are not keen to study but organize dharnas and protest marches at the beck and and call of some mindless ‘leader’.

      The rules may seem harsh but they are needed knowing Manipur today. It is a shame that we needed a non-Manipuri to enforce such rules. If the quality of the food is not good enough, then ask for a change in the standard of food provided, not for the warden to be removed. Ask for facilities like uninterrupted electricity after 5pm so that the students can study.

      Please stop bringing race into this issue, whether it is by you or Kajal or anybody else.

      Your fellow citizen,


      • Dear Angoucha, what you have not observed in my comment is something that goes like this – “…the authorities must ensure a good atmosphere by safeguarding the bounds of the University..”
        Of course, you are concerned about the rape and molests, and blah blah by paramilitary forces and all, but it may well be you also. Think again… We cannot move backwards.
        Regarding your comment of having the parents and guardians, its totally unthinkable, and impractical.
        So, to me your comments, on both these counts, are something unrealistic, or something like “Talibanisation” which I reject. Lets be constructive and not pessimistic. Lets open our minds and see what can be done for goodness’ sake.
        Regarding the racist stand, I think you have done a crime on me by putting me on the same bench as Kajal. Its a defamation, both slander and libel. I have asked everyone to refrain from what you are accusing me of, please read my comment carefully.
        I am not saying that Dr Kanchan’s effort is wrong, but at the same time suggesting that the ways of implementation might be wrong or too harsh (though I still don’t know either, so do you I believe, but don’t fake!!). Having said that, I am also not saying that the inmates (hostelers) are right. They may well be wrong. Once again I am asserting that “a thorough investigation and analysis is required”.
        Meanwhile please read MU hostel rules here:
        And, for you kind info, the Warden is not empowered to take punitive actions all by herself and that is called taking-law-in-ones-own-hand. And there is no 5 p.m. clause mentioned in there nor of the wastage of food (though I am not supporting)

  24. A hostel for student is to be bound under a certain rules and regulations. Students have to stay a very strictly regulated life in the hostel discipline should be maintained.
    The duty of a warden is to look after the hostellers in every aspect. There are certain dos and don’ts for the hostellers as per rule.
    It is not a political issue. And it is not a big issue to impose fine to the student. it is common for every hostel imposition of fine is not unnecessary .leaving a morsel of food on the plate is not un considerable. Every year 15million children died of hunger (courtesy: UNICEF).
    A warden of a hostel is a very responsible person. Dr.Kanchan Sharma is doing her duty as a warden. Each and every hostel has a dinning hall/room to serve the meal. To bring and have meal inside the hostel room is meaningless; if the student is sick it is another matter.
    The point is that Dr.Kanchan Sharma is doing her duty as a warden I appreciate her initiative which is taken. She is good as a person. She is a real and rear scholar. Above and all, being an educationalist she dedicates and contributes her own share for the welfare of the society and mankind through literature and profession.

  25. Welldone Dr k anchan Sharma .really your works are commendable and you havegiven a way to the new obey the rules and regulations of the university or any institutions is not violation of good orders. As you you have tighten the boarders not to enter in the campus after 5 PM and not allow to bring food in the room are a lesson to indisciplined students.They have to learn a lesson and not to repeat in future instead of demanding the removal of warden and caretaker. University authority is requested to find out the facts and through out such culprits from the hostel as well as University.

    • madam pl ammend throw in place of through in the last line.I agreed with the words of seema,and md faiz there is no place of indiscipline in the university I call all the media person and Hon university staff to come forward in protection of Dr Kanchan.She should stay there and protect her life also.Dr Sharma is Indian and there is no question of Manipuri or out state .If she is obeying and strict for the girls hostel it is good.

    • Hi Seema, its Ok whoever is the culprit, the authority will act upon it you do not have to border it. Meanwhile just said whatever Dr Kanchan doing is right then what about keeping the undergraduate students in the PG hostel inspite of many PG students waiting for the hostel seat. So in that case do you had any words to comment. I guess you not, since your mindset is totally racist and i know you are just commenting because she is not from Manipur that’s not fair. I am also staying NCBS, Bangalore doing my research work, we never comment anything based on race instead we observe carefully and decide what is wrong or right.
      Please you also do this it will help you a lot in your future life.

  26. I was the hosteler inShimla and no one was allowed to go outside the campus after 6pm but as we are concern with Manipur if it is 5PM it is sufficient for girls. Dr Sharma had obeyed the authorities.She should be there and University as well as students should cooperate to Warden and caretaker.Dr Kanchan Madam you are on right way please protect yourself if you arenon Manpuri.Well done LADY.

  27. I appreciate the steps of Dr kanchan to mentain the rules and regulations of the authorities/ University.Not a singleboarder should be permitted to bring/ waste the meal out of dinning hall.If they are fined or expelled from the hostel is under the rule why warden or care taker to be removed from the duty .The disciplined students of the University are urged to co-oprate the administration.She did her duty.I salute the boldness of Dr Sharma and her family. It is requested to the authorities to give protection to Warden.

    • Expelling is an extreme step my friend, no university rules must be having that, unless of course for the perpetuals, that too as a last resort. On the same lines as yours, why not suspend/terminate the warden and the caretaker from service if the food quality is low?? Think, ponder! You have a God gifted brain, you are wasting it, now should God exterminate you??

    • CAPTAIN, did you ever stay in the hostel in your life.. I was there in the JNU, and for your information, JNU happens to be the top University in India. I didn’t find any such rules (throwing away students for wasting food) there. I am not saying that people should throw away foods. Manipuri people are not like that also. Our ancestor even teach us how not to waste food.

      And about not having food in the mess hall, they (JNU) even packed our food so that we can have outside. Only one thing is their, and is that we can’t use the Utensil of the hostel mess..

      That warden should always remember that he/she is not the authority to frame such rules. For framing rules, University Authority is there. Above that the UGC is there, they can frame such rules so that it can be applied to the whole country. So that whole INDIA can save food and not just single MANIPUR.
      May be, UN(UNITED NATION) and set such rules and the whole world will save food..

  28. It is quite surprising that if a person trying to do justice to society and sincere in the work, he or she is harassed. Whatever Dr. Kanchan Sharma has done is absolutely right. In country like India where some people sleep without having food, wastage of food can’t be imagined. These manipurain girls are doing very very wrong and they are doing because they are there local and Dr. Sharma is outsider. I strongly object the false allegation on Dr. Sharma and strongly support her for what she has done. A rule must be maintained in the hostel and wastage of food must be prevetned; in a hostel, to assemble in time for meal and not to throw the food if it excess or if not wanted to eat should be practiced. These rules are not at all against students or anyone rather it is beneficial for them, our society and our country.

      • Hae pliz, whoever you are if you are the concern authority examing the matter than that is OK, but please i guess you are not much aware of the situation and just saying i support someone or disagree someone is not your concern.
        So, please let the authority do their work and you also please do something benefit for yourself instead of commenting others.
        Please do not mind, nothing is personal.

    • Why so biased Mr. Sultan? What are you doing when when the food-grains are rotting in the government godowns in Haryana and Punjab and in other states too? Do you get only these poor Manipuri girls to criticize, that too without knowing their plight?

      • May be the quality of the food that they have been given might be very poor. Even I sometimes throw away if the the meal quality is worse, that also in front of those who were providing that food. I did this to let them know that the food that they are providing can’t be consume by human. Moreover we are not eating that for free, we give fees for the meal. And please remember, nobody wants to throw their food unless it is not consumable. Mr. Faiz Sultan, I wonder what kind of person you are.. May be you are the son of that evil Madam.

    • well done madam kanchan u r great, madam kanchan u had lighten up the candle to bring out hostelers from darkness. their r lots of undisciplined students/ hosteler at MU.

    • Dear Kajal why bring an element of race, Manipur is already burning, your share of “Ghee” may be the last thing that is left to add. University administration is there why do she need be too autocratic, huh? Are you a Manipuri?
      Rightly, your kind of mindset has ripped apart the otherwise so welcoming Manipur. If you do a research well, groupism (of one’s own people – race) and disbelief and fraud is a trait of Aryans and of mainland Indians and not of Mongoloids. Mongoloids are people who readily trusts people and you exploit it, and call them a fool and when they don’t heed to you, you call them Racists?

      • Hello Basanta i said about Mainpuri or non mainpuri according the stament of students of University that the culture of Warden Dr Kanchan and Manipur are differ therefore they are non cooprative. I dont want to pore GHEE in this aag. Pl try to understand we are with Dr Kanchan for her obeying good orders and proper implementation of rules and regulations of University.As you are saying that University is with Dr Kanchan but proper protection has not given to caretaker and warden but moreover I am with your feelings.

  29. Dr. Kanchan Sharma had done her duty with sincerely as a warden. If I’m warder I also instructed hostelers to room at 5 PM not at the outside of the Hostel campus.


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