Naga meet


Dimapur, Nov 14 (NNN): A meeting of Naga civil societies will be convened in Dimapur on November 18 on the issue of Naga reconciliation.

In this regard, the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) earnestly requests all the Naga tribal organizations, civil societies, and the Church to attend the meeting at Saramati Hotel.

The FNR said that it would like to highlight the reconciliation process and to hasten the highest level meeting of the “Naga political leaders.” FNR requests that each organization be represented either by the president or the general secretary along with a member.

It is worth noting that the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has been responsible for the ceasing of factional fighting among the Naga underground organisations. Numerous conclaves including holding holding of football matches among the Naga underground groups have been organised by the FNR in both Nagaland and abroad.

On September 18, top leaders from the the NSCN-IM, NNC/FGN and NSCN-K signed a historic agreement regarding the reconciliation among themselves.Though there have been simmering situation occurring from time to time but the factional clashes have stopped since the operation of the FNR in the 2008.


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