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Ningol Chakouba, Delhi

On 7th November, 2010, representing the unique cultural heritage and traditional lineage of Manipur, “Ningol Chakouba” was celebrated by “Khonthaang Delhi” and “NE Sports & Arts” with much enthusiasm and joy to make a homely feel to the sisters living/staying outside of Manipur.
The volunteers of Khonthaang Delhi prepare mouth watering delicacies especially for the sisters. With 50 sisters from all the communities of the state taking part, the day filled the air with delight, mirth and merriment.
Reflecting the importance of brother sister relationship in the lives of Manipuri, Mr Kangabam Roogeet, on behalf of NE Sports & Arts, on his welcoming address, extended a warm welcome to the sisters. He described the festival of Ningol Chakouba with added enthusiasm and zeal on being co-hosting the festival with Khonthaang Delhi.
Khonthaang Delhi and NE Sports &Arts presented gifts to the sisters, and sisters blessing to the brothers, marked the end of the festival which symbolizes a brother sister reunion. Elangbam Premjit and Aribam Herojit Sharma on behalf of Khonthaang thanked and greeted the sisters for a happy and prosperous life.

Angomcha Chingkhei Meitei



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