North East Girl Gang Raped in Delhi


New Delhi, November 24, 2010: A young BPO employee, hailing from North East Region, was kidnapped and gang raped on in the early hours of Wednesday. According to police, the incident happened at around 12.30 am when the victim was dropped along with her colleague on the Ring Road in Dhaula Kuan by the cab driver. “While she was walking back, five men kidnapped her in their Tata pick-up truck and drove her towards Mangolpuri in outer Delhi. She was raped and then dumped in an unconscious state. She contacted the police on re-gaining consciousness,” said HGS Dhaliwal, deputy commissioner of police (south).
The victim was raped in the moving car and also in Mangolpuri before she was dumped at around 1.30 am an hour after she was kidnapped, said the police, adding, the woman who apparently escaped went to the aunt of the victim and told her. Even they called the police and informed them about the incident.
The police had started the man hunt soon after receiving the call from the victim’s colleague and later corroborated after getting a call from the victim, which helped in tracing the victim.
A case of kidnapping and gang rape has been registered in the matter.

According to Delhi Police, the cab driver who was supposed to drop her in front of her house dropped her on the Ring Road with her colleague.
The police said that the cab driver used to do this on a regular basis as he claimed that maneuvering the vehicle was difficult in the lane she lived. The police said that they are questioning the cab driver as well.

In a similar incident in the same area, a 20-year-old Delhi University student, hailing from Mizoram, was abducted on May 8, 2005, at around 2.15 am. The victim was walking back home from Dhaula Kuan after buying food from a roadside eatery. She was raped by four men in a moving car.

[ Compiled by Kanglaonline from different sources ( Courtesy NDTV, Hindustan Times) ]

NE Helpline Press Release

Press Release

NE Helpline Condemns Mizo Girl Gang Rape

Demand Immediate Action to Setup Night Patrolling at Prone Zones

For more detail contact

Madhu Chandra – Spokes Person – 9716004939

 New Delhi November 25, 2010

North East Support Centre & Helpline condemns the gang rape of a Mizo girl in South Delhi on Tuesday night and demands Delhi Police to arrest the culprits immediately. Delhi Police must setup night patrolling at the prone areas immediately and provide white paper on action taken.

Incident happens when Ms Sonia (name changed) 30 years old girl from Mizoram along with her friend was dropped by company vehicle at Motibagh, South Delhi at around 1 midnight on November 23. She was kidnapped by four men at gun point while her friend managed to scaped. She was pushed behind the back of vehicle and four men took turn to rape her and left abandoned at Mangolpuri. The Office of North East Support Centre & Helpline was immediately informed at 1.30 midnight and instruction given to get help from police. In spite of the fact that police patrolling rush to spot but could not nap the culprits.

Ms Sonia came to Delhi four years ago and living with her sister in a rented home in Motibagh. She was working in a BPO at Gurgaon. She is traumatised and Mizoram Welfare Association, Delhi has extended moral support and giving trauma counselling. A case of kidnapping and gang rape is registered under Dhaula Kuan police station.

The panic has spread among the North East communities in Delhi as the incident repeats the story of 2005 Dhaula Kuan gang rape of a Mizo girl in a moving vehicle. Since then the unprecedented racial/sexual abuse has been meted out to the people from North East India in Delhi. Neither Delhi Police nor Government has taken any concrete step to stop social profiling and racial attack on North East people.

The prone areas to attack on North East girls are Murnika, Mahipalpur, Moti Bagh, Mohamadpur, Nanakpuram, Friends Colony, North Delhi Campus, Nehru Basti, Gandhi Basti and Sikhanderpur in Gurgaon.

Madhu Chandra, Spokes Person of North East Support Centre & Helpline has approached newly appointed Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. B K Gupta, to take up the matter through his office and his office has directed North East Support Centre & Helpline to discuss the matter with Joint Secretary of Delhi South Block Police, Mr. Murli Patnaik tomorrow.

“Mr. Patnaik has assured to take up Sonia’s case and ensure the culprits booked and punished as per the law and we are meeting him tomorrow with list of demands from Delhi police,” says Madhu Chandra.

Demand from Delhi Police will include to setup first, special helpline for north east communities headed by a police officer preferably from North East region, secondly to setup night police patrolling in the prone areas listed above and third to produce a white paper on the cases related to racial attack on North East people, registered under various police stations in Delhi.

“We are demanding Delhi Police to setup special night patrolling immediate to escort North East girls and other working women at the areas where such cases take place repeatedly. The company cabs drop the working women at main roads at late night and working women walk home where perpetuators take advances in late night. We strongly believe most of these working women will be protected if Delhi police employs night patrolling in these areas,” says Madhu Chandra.

North East Support Centre & Helpline is submitting memorandum to Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit, who promised to setup hostel for North East working women last year and not taken up the matter. Memorandum will also be submitted to National Commission for Women and National Commission for Minorities. Mr. Madhu Chandra has already spoken to Dr. H. T. Sangliana – Deputy Chairman of NCM to take up the issue as majority of victims attacked in Delhi belong to Christian communities.

North East Support Centre & Helpline ( is a joint initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to North East People and tribal communities of other states.

Released by,

Angam Haokip – Media In-charge


  1. Slog your ahead you bastard mayangs!

    Stint of above six years I had also great lesson learn from these mayang.To Never trust!

    I dont know but I have sisters who fought like tooth and nail whenever in need to fight back and also never been a chance given to these mayang to nudge even single hair!

    Once in Malka Ganj North Campus,my brother who is pretty martial,I,and my sister were shopping “friday market”.Three to four mayangs started teasing my sister.They were unaware of us behind.What then,my brother first pounce who was typical bigger than us.(You can think of those mayang who stands proudly juxtapose to there cars and bikes).My sister meanwhile already hooked one mayang’s nose with profusley bleeding …Kicking butt is right choice so I was too engaged in kicking butts of of those mayang.

    Interesting fact is one came to rescue any of those mayang.We were just terrorizing there.My bro with his loud voice asking people to collect his sandle and sheepishly one typical 45 plus tubanless mayang came to give bro’ sandle which lost it while kicking round kick!That was awesome day!My mom was worried!

    Story continues …Pusa…where I got down from bus and fought with 3 mayangs

    lots more….I hated mayang and will always….

  2. I agree too with all you people out there..Those f***** culprits should be shot in their head and should be castrated..We can’t just let them do what they want to do..
    Even in my place (U.P.) so many girls are being raped everyday..But you can’t just say we Indians are uncivilized or cheap..Lets stop fighting to each other for the sake being in such a great Nation and do relevant things for building up a great Country by developing our States,respectively..

    Because of some North Indian entire Indians can’t be blamed and neither because of some North-East people entire North-East community should be blamed..

    Lastly adding to the comment of “don’t let her give up living a normal life”
    about “They are dogs. We hate them. Let a civil war may come between us. I want to kill them”..Don’t be a sarcastic..It’s not an easy thing to hold on a Nation after coming out from the civil war..Don’t spread unnecessary talks among us and let them become revolutionary..It will only bring harm to all..

    • Well, i think its not to blame anyone, firstly there should be strick law and order like china, culprit in any unwanted act should be punished to death, shot and sight or hanged till death, there should be no excuse for such crime. extreme law and order should in act. democracy in some changes now. if one wants to revolutionary then lets revolutionize in law and order system. law and order in india is very easy to skip either by one side or other way, lets hope and pray for rigid law prevail and wash out the unwanted elements from the society.

      • i totally agree with likha…. we should have a strict rules when it comes to crime against women….just because we are the weaker of the two sexes (physically) we are being targeted….. its high time that the govt enact some laws which will punish the offender in major way…. something like death…. we, the victims know only how much we suffer…..

  3. I have been staying here in Delhi for the past several years and had seen too much .Even I had done my schooling from Haryana . so I know North Indian society is!!.In the family they respect elders, sisters and obedient but may be its outside the house they have all the freedom ..for young men and society doesnot allow much mingling between the oppposite sex so there is an utter desperation or an attraction of the fair sex .To add to this Delhi being a Metropolis has a very conservative society comprising of many Jat locals (where our people reside for affordable rent) and migrants our Home minister said ..are from UP, Haryana and Bihar where they come from very conservative society . And!!! in this atmosphere here in DELHI north east girls coming from far corner of the country and hence believe that they are in NEW YORK and away from parents display all sorts of Western Ways of life ..scanty clothes,night party booze, roaming at night with boys..right under the nose of the LOCAL guys…you can imagine this…they took it as an insult to their society and locality and above all they feel zealous and want to humiliate or taste the fair skin of the Chinkis( a term ..loose and easy girls). dozens of our girls go out with Nigerians and Delhites in they get to have access to drinks and food and above all they are not noticed by our fellow north -easterners else will be in the centre of gossip and lose the future prospects of getting our own guys ..there are lots to share but I think this much is enough for our normal understanding of the hapenings in Delhi and elsewhere …NOT ALL THE CHINKIS DO OR ARE AS DISCUSSED AND MY EMPATHY TO THE VICTIMS !!

    • It was nice reading ur article but watever be it…Rape is not the solution for “HUMILIATING” others…..After all they r the ones who burn their wife for DOWRIES….Therefore it show what kind of mentality these peoples have …..So i dont think wat u have written is justified at all……

    • Killing (Burning) wife for dowry,,,or raping a minor,,is that in their culture as well???? Since u said that “I know North Indian society” !!!!
      Its not because “they took it as an insult to their society and locality ” its because of what they have in their mind and what kind of picture they have about us….

    • I totally DISAGREE with what u have written…..If u look closely it’s not only the case of NE girls but with the Foreigners as well…..Even minors are not spared by these A*******’s….. Do u still think that u know North Indian society????? or have u become one of them and u r trying to support them????

  4. It really hurts me… I dont know why people from outside neglect NE people even though they can see we are not poor than them in any field…Ya its also true bad people are everyhere…may be here also but the things are like that happened to indians in Australia. There Australian people neglected us and here our own administrative people including our preisiend (She is lady even) not taking the case seriously. Because it is not the case with only once but happening repeatedly…In a capital place there should be more protection as our ministers take protection for themselves. To give speech is not a big deal but where are their actions???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I was in Kotla Mubarakpur for quite sometime. Really, I felt asham of ourself. Girls from our region r seen wearing short & lose clothes and waiting 4 auto! at around 9-10 PM. Just check it out…. u will find such kind of people from our region roaming after 10 PM in the kotla gully and south ex.

    My apprehension is that.. we should be more careful…as we r living as if in a alien place… otherwise such incidence will happen time and again…

    Supposing those two girls who r working at time and place happens to be from other place like UP, Keral….. do u think the rappist will spare them…….hope u got the point. So my dear sisters from our region….. be careful….we can’t do anything then giving suggestion…. the losser is ourselves only

  6. Such type of incident happened already in Delhi or in other places. But still these girls didn’t learn a lesson for it and I am still hoping someone from northeast is going to be in news in the near future.

  7. I really feel so sad to hear this news. But this could have been avoided if
    she let the cap reach her doorsteps. Northeast girls often too careless. There is no way,,,,she should walk on the road at 12:30 midnight.

  8. Time for Vigilante…. NE Helpline should take the lead and coordinate such vigilantism. There is only one way of minimizing this kind of crimes that is to hold the bull by the horn and fight it.

    I am sure NE Guys will turn out if they know one of their sis/friend is getting rapped or harassed. If NE-Help line could inform them in due time, they would come out for sure. I will if not them. We just have to form one group each from a locality and register our numbers with NE-Helpline and should there be any problem NE Helpline informs the respective group and this group in turn inform others in their area.

    In India if you want to get respected you will have to show you are not one isolated Lab Rat. You need to have group support. I have made this suggestion in too.

    • Thats true very good point,
      I will register to NE helpline as well as here contact for any emergency in and around south ex,kotla and Ashram area


      • @Bono: Yes, that’s a real good suggestion there. This way, we can at least have a very common platform & with this, the people will think twice before they commit anything like this in the future. Let’s all update our numbers to help ourselves as well as others.

        @Ngakpa: Kudos, to you guys. You guys have already started taking initiatives & looks like the people in and around, Ashram, Kotla, South Ex, Jamia etc can reach them. Keep up the good work everyone!

  9. To all those who dislike, BPO.

    I have a few questions/ points here:

    (i) Will you be able to give him/ her a job in place of working at BPO?(Keeping in mind the salary should not be less)

    (ii) Being educated doesn’t necessarily mean you get what you want.

    (iii) BPO is the lifeline to thousands of people across the country including the people from NE. It is just that we are over looked by these scumbags & looks out for ways to reach the girls’.

    (iv) Let’s not keep thinking that a job should be between 9pm-6pm, the world is small(we all know that) and we all know the fact that there are people on the other side of this country enjoying the day. Working just like we do while it is night at our end.

    (v) Instead of pitying ourselves, why don’t you think of a way to teach them in terms of making them understand?

    (vi) Please remember, such incidents have happened both during the day & night. What does anyone of us have in mind to say about the incidents during the day.

    We are the proud North Easterner as well as a proud Manipuri.

    NOTE: I have asked the first question because I felt that you have underestimated others who work at night. Mind you, its none of your business.

    • Reserve post for NE, chinki, nepali are as folows:
      Male: Security Guard, Call centers, BPO
      Female: Hotel, bar, pub, Call Center, BPO

      Go to any office /shopping maul ….security guard will be of our face, then in canteen serving food by our people.

      Go to hotel /bar/pub…. security guard will be of our face , then at reception our ladies, then table cleaning by our boys.

      At night loitering around Koooool looking …..YOO YOO Call center BPO and Call center brother and sisters …… and ….”Jagte Rahooo” by our brother choukidar …..waha waha !!!!!!

      🙂 so I fell always home away home ! should not bother other business ….so keep it up !

  10. loss is ours ,not for the accused five men and government of Delhi. there are many jobs besides working till late night and having life sleeping till late afternoon. there are many stories which are not reported in public domains where the degree of brutality is much more than this one. Lets ask how much saving can we have by working in a condition which assures us to meeting possible crimes? why graduates end up selling products in the middle of night to some foreigners? Did our parents sent us to good English school to work in BPO? is it that it’s too easy to get job that we succumbed to BPO sector? Life term punishment of the present accused uneducated culprits of the present story will not stop the next going to be culprit from making similar story in the future.

    • D Singh,

      You are completely wrong to say this happens because of working in BPO.

      I have been working in BPO for last seven years,its not only selling stuffs to western countries.I would rather say you have little knowledge about BPO.

      • Yes I take that that i have little knowledge with BPO sector.
        Yes again it’s not only because of working in BPO that we encountered such unfortunate experience. It can happen to anyone. And it is very quite likely to happen to those who stay at night and more to those who are alone. These are common senses I believe. However we can avoid such brutality if we take another road instead of taking the one which will lead us to such experience. And I again believe that BPO sector has given many opportunities to face such crime in our country. Should we still continue taking the road which guarantees us of meeting such crime. I think common sense will tell us to take another road.

        • Good one,such incidents are avoidable if we take little care.
          For instance BPO’s provide/assist any girl to reach her doorsteps by the cab mates OR security guards.
          For some reason sometimes Girls asked their security/Cab mates to drop in on a specific place taking the risk on own,thats why this happens NOT TO BLAME THE BPO Industry at all

          • Different people work in various kinds of jobs for various reasons. We cannot question them why one takes up a particular job. D.Singh will also leave his current job if he sees a better way. Irrespective of what we do, we must always be careful.

            It is like locking our house. We are neither paranoid about someone stealing nor do we see our neighbours/society as thieves. But we still lock our house, because that is the minimum we can do. When bad incidents happen, damage is already done and we are too late then.

            We must do at least the minimum thing. There is no point in blaming the mainland mentality or blah blah. Bad incidents happen everywhere. If they still happen even after we take the required measures from our side, then we, as a group if required, should definitely take up the matter with authorities.

  11. This is very shame full and unacceptable act. Such type of ugly people underestimated NE. Let them go on, but it will not last for long. They will face more difficulties and shame than what they did. God is everywhere.

  12. These type of people must be eliminated from the world. They have no place in the world. I hate ugly and uncivilized people. Let their reproductive system rot like an iron. More over, every one knows that Delhi is unsafe for girls , especially for NE. So, one must be very careful and must carry something for self defense.

  13. This is very disgusting.. these people who are doing such kind of cheap activities must punished… and the punishment should be in such a way that no one cud do these activities.. government should shoot the immediately without wasting time…

  14. Very unfortunate incident. Really felt useless and helpless when I first read the news in Timesofindia.
    Delhi is real rape capital. Even actor Gul Panag recently told that she was groped during Delhi Marathon event.

    Much more vulnerable girls are the girls from North East. North East people should be extra careful since many Delihites are racists in nature (may be too harsh word but true as compared to people people from other regions ), sex pervert and anyhow have a perception that girls from the NE are cheap. Perhaps, some NE girls set wrong trend but that could not be generalized (Mallika Sherawat dare to bare all that doesn’t mean that all haryavi gals are bold to dare at the drop of the hat).

    I think, by nature, NE girls are friendly. This may be due to the environment prevailing here in the region. See, marriage, in Manipur, I guess it’s 95% of the people go for love marriage and it’s accepted in society with utmost respect. So, people of marriageble age may have a tendency to start looking out for potential life partner. This is where motives behind mainland Indians and manipuris start deviating from each other.

    Mainland people, in their society it must be 95% arrange marriage and other remaining 5 % opt for love marriage and those opt for love marriage may not be very lucky in terms of social acceptance. HOnoor killing is not as prevailent but outcasting is very common in mainland. So, by instinct, they also start looking out for partner but not life partner.

    Anyway, every systems has it’s own merits and demerits. Rapists are rapists. They are not the representative of mainland Indians. But, large population, large numbers of rapists in mainland targeting vulnerable NE girls as easy target. Better be cautious.

  15. I don’t know what to say……….. whether to still trust in the so called SECURITY of the country. It really hurts when a sister from our region is being rape.
    If India thinks were a part of the country then I think it is high time for the government to take up steps to assure us. And I would like to add that if nothing constructive is happening in the near future, then I would like to suggest that we need to appeal to the world (may be like UN) like how the Indians are treating us. We need to fight for our right to live with dignity.

    • Sir,, i respect ur feeling its a pain every one have whoes daughter or sister staying at delhi…. but don’t curse the country for some bustard.. of north indian….

  16. This is a terrible thing that happened. The mentality of these Indians are so cheap and uncivilized. They should be punished badly until they learn a lesson. I just want to clarify something, in other news it is mentioned a Manipuri girl and here its mentioned a Mizo girl, which one is right?


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