NSCN(K) imposes ban on donation


Dimapur, Nov 2 (NNN): The NSCN-K (GPRN/NSCN) has imposed blanket ban on all forms of donations.

Ahead of the festive season, the joint council meeting of NSCN-K has resolved to impose blanket ban on all forms of donation on shopkeepers and business establishments either by undergrounds or by anti-social elements.

“GPRN/NSCN civil and military authorities in all regions are directed to abide by the council resolution. Any official, central or regional, found tarnishing the image of the GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) by indulging in activity contrary to the Joint Council resolution shall invite stringent disciplinary actions,” the NNSCN-K note said today.

Proprietors of shops and other establishments, if called over phone seeking donation or served with donation notes, are requested to promptly contact competent GPRN/NSCN `civil and military authorities` so that the culprits are apprehended and penalized befittingly, the NSCN-K said.

GPRN/NSCN seeks co-operation of all citizens in its effort to curb the menace of donation especially during the festive months.

The `joint council meeting` of the NSCN-K also resolved to strongly uphold and strengthen reconciliation and peace among the Nagas, “despite the visible attempt from some corners to destabilize and sabotage the Naga reconciliation process spearheaded by Forum for Naga Reconciliation.



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