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Open Letter To The General Manager, Tele-communication (BSNL) Imphal, Manipur

You must be aware of the disjusting Tele-communication services in this border town of Moreh. The only cell phone service we have here in Moreh was the BSNL for the last three years. Unfortunately, the BSNL cell/mobile network could only cover just half an area of this town which is a mere five square Kms. in size. Problem does not end here, mobile network fails more than frequently. In other word, mobile service in Moreh cannot serve its purpose in times of emergencies.

Appraisals and requests relating to the problem had been made time and again to the JTO, Moreh, SDOChandel, the DGM-Imphal. But no attention is being given so far in this regard. Some cited security reason such as. Moreh being a border town, the need to prevent cell network across the border is there. If this is so, why is there a good BSNL and Airtel network coverage in Namphalong and Tamu in Myanmar? As a matter of fact, the larger number of mobile and WLL users are from Namphalong and Tamu (more than in Moreh). Under such situation, security reason is not justifiable to deny cell/mobile or WLL network in areas such a Moreh ward Nos. 1,2,3,4 and the larger areas of Moreh ward No.8 where this facility remain a FAR CRY.

It may also be mentioned that, recently Airtel had introduced its cell network in the month of September this year much to the pleasure of people of Moreh particularly residents of the areas mentioned above. Because for the first time the cell network could reach them too. Many had started buying SIMS and new hand-sets. But before many days had passed, Airtel too followed the footpath of BSNL. Now these unfortunate residents have to go to other localities in order to avail the service.

Viewing the situation seriously, the Hill Tribal Council, Moreh is compelled to resolved on the following points.

1. That, either the BSNL and Airtel should initiate immediate necessary arrangement to ensure that cell network coverage reach the whole areas of this border town within the month ofNovember, 2010 or, they should pack their things and vacate from Moreh. The Hill Tribal Council shall resort to any means to ensure implementation of its resolution. Above all, discrimination cannot have a place in Moreh.

2. The Hill Tribal Council, Moreh shall extend all possible assistance and co-operation to any willing private or Government companies that could provide cell network coverage to every nook and corner of Moreh without preference to any specified area.

Yours faithfullv,
Jangmang Haokip,
President. Hill Tribal Council. Moreh.



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