“People have the right to stir”, Sonia tells Ccpur media


Sonia Gandhi inaugurating the multi-purpose Khuga Dam project in Churachandpur district of Manipur on Friday. She is flanked by the chief minister, Okram Ibobi on her right and power minister, T. Phungzathang. 2010-11-13 | by : IFP Photo
Sonia Gandhi inaugurating the multi-purpose Khuga Dam project in Churachandpur district of Manipur on Friday. She is flanked by the chief minister, Okram Ibobi on her right and power minister, T. Phungzathang. 2010-11-13 | by : IFP Photo
From M Kaimuanthang

LAMKA, Nov 12: The Khuga Multipurpose Projects located near Mata village which has been constructed since the last 30 years back was inaugurated today with ribbon cutting by the AICC(I) Chairperson Smt Sonia Gandhi upon arrival of the dam site by an IAF chopper at about 11: 20 am

Soon after her arrival at a temporary helipad near dam spillway components site the chairperson was received headed by ministers like T Phungzathang from power, IFCD Biren Singh and officials from the state and district levels as well as IFCD officials . A group of Seva Dals who have line up at the helipad greeted the chairpersons while giving gifts and garlanding her as well .

After inauguration the chairperson climbed to the platforms of spillway and released water from Gate number 3 and on coming back she oversee the right side caanal switch gate 3 operartion . Thereafter she moved back towards the helipad apparently to board it again .

Yet she halted for a brief minutes not for anything but to just give response of queries raised to him by media regarding JAC ‘s agitation in which she said in a democratic country people have the right to do as he/she pleases
With regards to another questions she said when the dam was completed the people will be greatly benefited and the irrigation components will make people progress.

She was accompanied the chief minister of the state O Ibobi Singh , MPCC(I) president Gaikhannga,T Faleiro AICC(I) General Secretary besides many other officials from the Congress.

After the inauguration of the Khuga Multi-purpose Project Sonia returned to Kangla helipad in the same chopper and then proceeded towards the Bir Tikendrajit Park for paying floral tribute to the great martyrs of the state at Sahid Minar.

The three women’s market of Khwairamband Bazar, namely Khwai Nupi Keithel, Khwairamband Ema Keithel and Anouba Keithel were then inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi using electronic devices for unveiling the inaugural plates of the three markets. After that she moved to the Congress Bhavan where she inaugurated the Annexe Building and unveiled the bust of Mahatma Gandhi inside the premises of the Congress Bhavan.

At around 1:30 pm she reached the Kangla to inaugurate the newly constructed Tribal Market at New Lambulane and Minority Girls’ Hostel at Hatta and also laid foundation stones for the construction of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University at Makhan village and mega project of INA Complex, Moirang.

After addressing a public meeting at Kangla Sonia Gandhi left Imphal for New Delhi at 2:30 pm.

Heavy security arrangement was made in Imphal and Churachandpur in connection with Sonia Gandhi’s visit. A large number of police personnel including CRPF were deployed even in the outskirts of Imphal area and for the security arrangement at the venues of inauguration the SPG team handled the situation well.

The visit of Sonia Gandhi went off peacefully and there was no report of any untoward incident during the general strike.


  1. উস নুংঙাইতেদা সঞ্জিব, তপথখোনে নঙবু ৷ শোনিয়া গান্ধিদি লাইরদনা লাই ফাওবা মীপুম খুদিংমক পেলহনবা ঙমদে ৷ অদুনা শাওরউবগী পেল্লোয়দবগী কান্নবা করিসু লৈতে ৷ ইশাগী ষ্টেটকী সরকারনা শৌগত্‍তবা ইসূ শোনিয়া শৌগত্‍কনি নিংদে ৷ অমরোমদা অমুক শোনিয়া মশাগী কন্সাইন্সু লৈরমগনি ৷ ঐগী অপাম্বদু তৌরমদ্রগা ঐনা শোনিয়া অমদি কংগ্রেস সিথরগা কান্নদৌবসু লৈতে ৷ হয়, পেলহৌদবা খরামখৈদি ফোংদোকহৌরে হায়দনা ৱাখলদা নুংঙাইবা ফাওরমগদ্রা ? অদুগী নুংঙাইবদু কুইনদি চত্‍কনদবনি ৷ খরা লৈরগা নিংঙমলক্তবসু ফাওরকপা য়াওবনি ৷ মরমদি দোট দোট দোট ৷

  2. Sonia and In fact Congress is bigoted person/party

    I have been a pro congress since I started learning Indian freedom movement in my school time and of course Babri Masjid Demolition and post godra riot. However, my support towards congress automatically comes to an end after I have been watching the never ending political drama presented by Congress, produced and directed (solely) by Sonia Gandhi in collaboration with Mamata Banejee, SHarad Pawar and Karunanidhi, Asst. Director Rahul Gandhi, Lead Actor Manmohan SIngh in the role of selfless statesman politician, theme of the drama: pseudo secular.
    The drama begin with eternal sacrifice by Director of the drama herself, then gentleman PM taking the post reluctantly, asst. director himself act quite well in doing gimmick like sleeping in tribal hut which he never ever care, bringing Miliband in village etc.

    When the script start going wrong:
    (1) Removing APJ abdul kalam by the director of this drama
    (2) Appointing her bai as president of the largest democratic country in the world
    (3) High Inflation (which have never been witnessed)
    (4) Bringing Congress bureu of Investigation

    Super flop
    (1) CWG
    (2) Adarsh scam
    (3) gentlemenship by lead actor in 2G Spectrum case
    (4) Handling of Kashmir issue
    (5) Softhearted PM lost sleep when a suspected terrorist was questioned by Australian police but never ever bothered to interfere when Manipur highway (only lifeline,1 litre petrol cost rs 200, cooking gas 2000 rs, 1 kg rice 85 rs to 150 ) was blocked for record 65 days by naga millitants (ceasefire agreement with GOI).

    (6) Ignoring Sharmila during her recent visit


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