SoO groups urge for expediting construction of designated camps


IMPHAL, Nov 16: Another round of tripartite meeting of ongoing Suspension of Operation (SoO) between the government and Kuki underground organisations which convened this morning at 1st MR Banquet hall discussed the present status of the SoO.

According to a highly placed official source, the meeting of SoO was attended by Navin Verma Joint Secy, MHA North East in charge representing Government of India, chief secretary Manipur DS Poonia and Addl. DGP Intelligence, LM Khoute representing Manipur state and officials of Assam Rifles, Army and BSF from the security forces and leaders of Kuki militants during the meeting.

The source further said, the meeting elaborately discussed the present status of SoO during which there has been strong instructions from the government and security forces to maintain the ground rules by the Kuki militants who are under the SoO in the state for the bringing end solutions.

Besides, the leaders of the Kuki militants who presence in the meeting made their series of proposal for taking up sincere measures for the early completions of remaining five designated camps out of 10 designated camps for confining their cadres which were already approved by the government the source added. Mentioned may be made that, five designated camps for the militants under the SoO have recently inaugurated officially in different district operated by the separated Kuki militants included in signing of SoO.

The source also mentioned tha the militant leaders during the meeting this morning further urged the government for clearing out of due stipends for their cadres and enhancement of their monthly stipends from Rs.3000 to Rs.4000 as per the need of the hours and the meeting concluded with official note on series of proposals from the leaders of the militants groups this noon.


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