Ukhrul ATM


From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, Nov. 27: Ukhrul is going to have two Automatic Telling Machines(ATM)s counter of the State Bank of India very soon within main town. Assurance in this regard was given by BB Sangma, Banking Ombudsman(BO) of Reserve Bank of India(RBI), Guwahati while speaking on a one day “RBI Seminar on Banking awareness” held today at Ukhrul Tangkhul Naga Long(TNL) conference hall sponsored by the RBI and hosted by TNL.

Owing to the acute lack of the banking facilities in Ukhrul and enormous hardships and troubles being faced by customers of UBI branch at Ukhrul, the only functioning bank customers in transacting the currency in Ukhrul so far, the RBI Ombudsman said two ATMs counter with transacting capacity of Rs 1,30,0000 at a time will be availed very shortly for better and easy Business Correspondence(BC).

The BO also invited all related banking deficiencies, lack of facilities and problems of Ukhrul Banking Customers to directly and freely deal the problems with the Banking Ombudsman for immediate redressal of the grievances at convenient times without taking the troubles to go to the lawyers.

Apart from the Banking Ombudsman, D Pegu, treasurer RBI Guwahati also spoke on the rights to complain the banking authority by customers on any genuine neglect, failures to facilitate or refusal problems to the Banking Ombudsman.


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