UPPK appeals for bringing UG unity


IMPHAL, Nov 6: The United Peoples Party of Kangleipak, UPPK, in a statement on the eve of its 2nd anniversary has extended its heartiest greetings to the people and   also offer revolutionary salute to fraternal revolutionary organisations like UNLF, RPF, KYKL, PREPAK, KYKL and KCP.
Extending its heartfelt greetings to like minded ethnic revolutionary groups like KNO, UKLF, KNF, ZRO, UKRA, KLO, KRA, ZDF, HPC(D), PULF, MNRF, UNPC and SPLO, the UPPK expressed hope that all these fraternal organisations will unite one day launch a combined movement for liberation of the region.
The UPPK statement issued by the outfit’s Central Committee said the outfit is a small group having faith in ideology based
on democratic socialism and secularism but India is a country of neo-liberal capitalist.
Reproducing a UN report made public on November 4, the UPPK said the United Nations Human Rights Development Reports indicate
South Asia as home to half of the world’s multi-dimentional poor people. Population of this multidimentional poor people is
844 million out of which 421 lives in India. Incidentally, India is also amongst top 10 countries of the world with rapid GDP
growth. This indicate that India is a country filled with corruption from the grassroot level and this could be a fact, the
UPPK central committee observed.
India is still the country with 70 percent of its population with the multi-dimentional poor people who could not afford to
earn not more than Rs 50 daily and lead a miserable life while the rest 30 percent of the population earns in thousands to
millions of rupees each day and lead a comfortable lifestyle. Baring some left party, most of the cabinet ministers and chief
ministers of country have assets worths more than Rs 500 crore. In this present context and critical juncture, introduction
of beautiful legislation like the Right to Information Act (RTI), Right to Education (RTE) and Right to Food(RTF) would not
rectify or simplify neo-liberal capitalist system of India, the UPPK observed and maintained that the mere 2.4 million
population of Manipur could do nothing to bring a change  to 1.15 billion population of India.
India is becoming a country with highest number of poor people and by the end of 2030 the country is sure to become a country
with highest number of poor people in the world, the UPPK said and maintained that it would better for our future generation
to depart from India.
Regarding unification of revolutionary groups, the UPPK said understanding each and every party’s ideology through a debate
and collective discussions would be the right direction as without these there can be no unification, the UPPK observed and
said making a hue and cry through newspaper is not the right path to unification.
Stating that unity is need of the hour for revolutionary groups of the region, the UPPK also appeal for bringing unity
amongst underground organisations with the understanding about each and every outfit’s ideology and unification theory based
on dogma, faith and belief.


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