A Civil Society Delegation Met Delhi CM, Delhi Police, Child & Women Welfare Ministry and State Women Commission


New Delhi, December 4, 2010

A Civil Society delegation had an urgent meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Delhi police, Delhi Women commission and Child and women welfare ministry today on Dhaula Kuan kidnap and gang rape case of a Mizo girl on November 23 midnight. List of demands submitted to ensure safety of women in Delhi and NCR.

The urgently meeting was held by Ms Sheila Dikshit in response to a civil society delegation called on her office yesterday. Delegation represented from North East Support Centre & Helpline, Jagori, Saheli, Nirantar and North East Network.

Ms Lansinglu Rongmei – Legal Secretary of All India Christian Council and President of North East Support Centre & Helpline says, “We have submitted 15 points list of demand to make Delhi a Safe City to Chief Minister and Delhi police and demanded their assurance.”

The issue of safety for women in Delhi has become a national debate. It has become a concern for all women and young girls, although the issue of easy targeting North East remains major concern.

Madhu Chandra – Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline says, “Delhi police must learn a lesson now to be proactive rather that reactive in tackling the issues of safety for women. As long as Delhi Police and government machineries remain in reactive mode, the crims like Dhaula Kuan will continue to happen. Enough indication has happened and Delhi police failing to take the warning from the paste indication of accident has caused Dhaula Kuan gang rape case.”

“Steps taken by Delhi Police to install night police patrolling in unsafe areas, setting up CCTV cameras and instructing PBO companies to follow safety guidelines and strengthen the mechanism of policing must be monitored round the weeks, months and years. These will be a sign of proactive preventive approach,” Madhu Chandra says.

Meanwhile, Madhu Chandra also met Mr. HGS Daliwal, Deputy Commissioner of Delhi, in-charge of South Delhi range today and briefed how North East India communities, particularly girls are easily targeted for sexual abuse in Delhi. Referring to Dhaula Kuan gang rape case, “Mr Daliwal has assured that Dhaula Kuan gang rape case will be booked under SC/ST Atrocity Prevention act, culprits will be punished and justice to victim,” Madhu Chandra says.

Delegation also demanded Delhi government and police to take up the awareness campaign on women helpline and policing so that women police helpline will be make known to general public. “Sheila Dikshit government has agreed to put up sticker of police helpline number for women in public transportations,” says Dr. Alana Golmei – member of North East Support Centre & Helpline who was also part of delegation.

North East Support Centre & Helpline will continue to campaign to make Delhi a Safe City and will join with Government and police machineries along with other NGOs working on welfare of child and women.

Demands submitted by delegation listed below

1.                  Delhi Police MUST register the case under SC/ST act

2.                  Delhi Police MUST ensure Protection of the Witnesses

3.                  We demand the Appointment of a special Prosecutor

4.                  Delhi Police must address the delay in responding to the call for help. If its a matter of language, the question is what have they done post the 2005 Dhaula Kuan case? Any training/sensitisation of forces?

5.                  Why are 2 rapists from that case and 3 from the MotiBagh case (basti women – early morning) are still absconding – what is the status/action on that?

6.                  Why is the Delhi Police making a Media ‘circus’ and making heroes of the police force for simply doing their job? Why don’t they use these resources to spread awareness against such violence on women?

7.                  BPOs and all other workspaces must adhere to Vishakha Guidelines in ensuring safety of women employees, inclduing on their way to and from work, and creating awareness within the organisation and contractors/suppliers including bus service providers

8.                  the Delhi Govt needs to work with RWAs to ensure easy access into colonies… street lights, open gates etc to make the nights safer for women

9.                  the Govt must assert Accountability of all Workplaces; developing strategies, develop and follow stricter safety guideline

10.              Discussion needs to happen on the Effectiveness or otrherwise of of the helplines – 1091/100

11.              Actions against police personnel who delayed followup, investigation and justice

12.              City-wide awareness ; Bus Stickering…

13.              PUBLIC STATMENT BY GOVT against such violence

14.              Steps which are taken or going to be taken by Delhi police and government must be monitored round the year.

15.              No more reactive approach but proactive approach, which means action and steps before crimes happens not after.

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