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Agri dept conducts soil acidity test at Moirang

IMPHAL, Dec 7: With an objective of creating a Map of Soil Fertility 2010-201 of agriculture farmlands which is about 1.95 thousand hectares in the state, the state agricultural department officials led by the Dy Director Ph Rajendro Singh (Soil Chemist) and Dy Director G. Shamu Kabui launched the soil sample collection at Moirang Khunou in Bishnupur district.
As part of the programme, the department and the Loumi Sinmi Apunba Lup Moirang organized a Soil Treatment Campaign and Field Demonstration on Soil Acidity at the Moirang Khunou Loukon.
During the Soil treatment campaign cum field demonstration on soil acidity at Moirang expert soil chemist Ph. Rajendro dy. Director demonstrated the treatment of soil with green manure and micronutrient which farmer should do for plantation of any yields.
While demonstrating he said the treatment of soil with green manure and micronutrient help the soil on maintaining in the moisture and also make increased the nutrients and other minerals.
He further stated that the state has 1.95 hectres of agricultural land according to the present records however due to the repeated croppings of the farmers, the soil fertility of the agricultural lands have decreased and so the farmers should arrange for repeated soil testing which will help maintain the moistures of the land and save its fertility.
He further maintained that a team of about 10 agriculture officers will be forming mobile teams and visit agricultural lands of all districts to collect and checked the soil samples for checking the soil fertility and to further maintain the soil fertility data of all districts.
However he has also mentioned that due to some constraints, the department was unable to depart knowledge about the soil checking to the farmers in time.




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