AR rebuttal


IMPHAL, Dec 4: Responding to the news report published in the IFP on its December 3, ‘AR man vows reveal truth about fake encounter killing’, the PIB Defence Wing has clarified that the soldier who passed on information about fake encounter killing of Kwakta man to media was a disgruntled person and he had never accompanied troops of the 33 AR for any CI operations.

Terming his statement as baseless and an effort to divert attention from his own misconduct, the release said all the present charges against the soldier have been established and a summary of evidence has been initiated.

Mention may be made here that an AR man identified as Havildar (Nursing assistant) Dilwar Singh vowed to reveal the truth about the killing of one Md Fajeruddin of Kwakta, who the soldier said was killed in fake encounter.

The PIB defence wing release further said Havildar Dilwar Singh is a habitual offender and has repeatedly resorted to countering charges against him by levelling allegations against superior officers and the organisation.

It further said the soldier in question was found gambling in post premises by his superior officers apart from forging official documents to level allegations against superior officers and subordinating and threatening his superior officers.



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