CDSU lifts closure of CCPur banks


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka Dec 13 : The Churachandpur District Students’ Union has lifted the closure imposed on the branch banks following an understanding reach between the representative of the students’ body and the officials of the SBI and RBI, in a meeting held late in the evening.
The meeting was held at the CDSU office, Lamka at about 5:30 in the evening and lasted around 7 pm. Regional Manager and Chief Manager of the SBI and RBI, who arrived late in the evening represented the meeting however no officials of the UBI took part in the meeting.
Further reports said that the students’ body decided to lift the closure imposed on the banks owing to concrete assurances given by the competent banks officials took part in the meeting to meet the demands put up by the CDSU.  
Earlier during the day, the closure of two bank branches of the SBI and the UBI today has taken everyone by surprised yet many are of the opinion that it is inevitable looking from the point of view of public hardship while dealing with bank staffs over the money they bank.
So many opinions have been elicited today to this correspondent . A lady employees at government office are of the opinion that at this point in time when the Christmas festival is round the corner and each and every sections are in hectic preparation such drastic step of closing the banks is too extreme a step and may be counterproductive if it were prolonged .
Another sections of the people who have had bad experiences with the bank employees and are nursing grudge against the latter said this they need to be grilled for their haughty and insolent conduct while going to the extent of saying that at so many places in the country authorities of banks be it anyone lose no time to opened new branches whenever demands are raised.
Inspite of this though the banks have been subjected to closure for a day today latest development shows that it may not be prolonged as the DC/Ccpur in coordination with the two bank branches of SBI and UBI summoned the CDSU leadership for dialogue so as to reach an understanding
In the meeting convened at the DC/ Ccpur office BRGF hall at about 2 pm the DC Jacintha Lazurus IAS assured the student leaders to put up the matter of opening additional branches at the Sate Level Bank Committee,SLBC, meeting schedule to be held on the 16th of this month at Imphal
The students were also assured that steps will be taken up to ensure that within the current financial year the either a new branches is opened or improvement of the bank will be ensured
The DC further informed that increase in the number staffs will be ensure and for the purpose posting of additional staffs will be affected by this month itself.
The CDSU were disappointed due to the occassional run over of hard cash at the two banks /cash dried up and partly the inability of the staffs to served the public very efficiently
Another sources has informed that there has been plan already to opened a new SBI branches at Tuibuang and the proposal has been finalised with site for construction of the building.


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