Chakka bandh affects normal life in CCpur


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka Nov 30: The Chakka bandh called by the JAC formed to protest against the brutal killing of Ngamkholet Baite chief of Buoljol Khunou (Tatjang) put life in Churachndpur district out of gear.

Movement of four wheelers including passenger bus and trucks besides others has come to a grinding halt particularly between Imphal and Churachandpur as well as in many inter village roads of the district though two wheelers and some light vehicle could be seen plying in town area.

Since the time of the bandh has coincided with final examination of schools in the town areas, bandh enforcers issued pass to vehicles responsible for lifting students and for the purpose relaxed movement of vehicle meant for lifitng and dropping students from schools and colleges.

Attendance to most government department offices was reported as very thin.

Though no untoward incident was reported at the time filing this report, some person were reportedly beatened up by band supporters in one or two places. In some area bandh supporters were seen taunting and intimidating people not to venture out while deflating tyres of cycles and vehicles in the town areas.

Shopkeepers down their shutters and stayed indoors in town area. The bandh passed off peacefully.

It may be recalled Ngamkholet Baite was shot death by gunmen in front of his wife near Chajang Village in Chandel district on the November 24, while they were returning home after returning from paddy field.

Later, the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) owned the killing alleging that the victim was killed for his misdeeds as an advisor of KNLF.


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