“China diverting Brahmaputra water” – Jana Jagriti


Guwahati, Dec 8 (NNN): An NGO has claimed that China is diverting the Brahmaputra water. Jana Jagriti, an organization working on social issues, has alleged that China has been diverting the Brahmaputra water.

Jana Jagriti has appealed today to the chief ministers of the eight North Eastern states to urgently take up the matter of Chinese attempts with New Delhi.

According to Jana Jagriti, China is not only diverting water from the Brahmaputra (called Yarlung Zangto in that country) at Great Band by constructing a tunnel but also taking a series infrastructure development projects along the Tibetan plateau President of the NGO Ashok Anand Singhal said, ‘China wants to dry up India by diverting the water of the Brahmaputra to its north.” Armed with satellite images and maps showing the Chinese projects, Ashok Singhal said, ‘China is constructing a number of hydro power projects around the Great Band. These projects have already caused drought, flood and deepening of ground water at several places in the ASEAN countries’.

The president of Jana Jagriti said there had been heavy rainfall in the Brahmaputra plateau in the last two years but the amount of water which the nearest Indian village Gogring in Arunachal Pradesh received this year was far lesser than what it had received in the previous years.

‘The Chinese plan is to keep as much water as is required for the power projects. It will then divert the surplus water to its north,’ Singhal said.


  1. Ashok Anand Singhal , President of the NGO, Jan Jagriti is an alarmist. The Mighty Brahmaputra collects 80% of its waters after it crosses into India, below a point called Top Spur. There is no Indian village called Gogring on the Mighty Brahmaputra as it enters Arunachal. The first village is Bishing (970 m asl). Singhal should first get his facts right and only then he should open his mouth. Instead of saying that he has satellite pictures etc he ought to put them on a web site and hand them to the press clearly explaining his fears.


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