CM calls for people power to resolve vexing state problems


IMPHAL, Dec 12: State recalled the great uprising by women in the year 1939 recorded in Manipur history as the ‘Nupeelal Day’.
While the official function was held at the Nupilal Memorial Complex, the day was also observed widely by different organisations at various places all over the state.
The state level observation was was attended by the chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh.
Speaking at the observation, Ibobi stated that the problems prevalent in those days are still troubling the state though in a new facet. 
Though the issues have changed, the problems have remained the same, he said.
The chief minister said in resolving the present problems, the cooperaiton of the people is vital.
He also stressed that understanding and coordination between the people and government would work towards a new developed society and a harmonious peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic communities.
Further elaborating on the role of the masses, he further added that a government is temporary however a unified stand of the people is very much needed in order to control the ruling government.
In an indirect reference to insurgency problem, the chief minister cited the powerful women uprising against the British during the famed Nupilal is what is again now called for in fighting against the various problems faced by the state.
Minister YAS & IFCD N Biren Singh who presided over the observation made a fervent appeal to the people of the state to face the insurgency problem in a united way.
He further appealed to the people to be united and join hands with the government in the fight.
The chief minister and other dignatories paid floral tribute at the complex in memory of the departed freedom fighters of the Nupilal movement.
As in the previous years, a women marathon was also organized in the morning before the start of the formal observation.
It was flagged off from the Nupeelal complex and ended at the Singjamei Supermarket crossing.
A drama titled ‘Nupee Lal’ was also presented by the joint artiste of the Nupee Lal Memorial Association and the Nupi Lal and Khongkom War Memorial Society after the end of the main function.
The Nupee Lal Day was also observed at various other places in the state. Among the most prominent of the other observations,
the Nupi Lal Observation Committee observation ceremony titled the ‘71st Nupi Lal Ningshing Thauram’ at the Thangmeiband Thau Ground. The observation also saw a peace rally which started from the venue of the observation and after passing through Khuyathong traffic Point, North AOC point on the NH 39, Khongnang ani karak, Chingmeirong, Lilashing Khongnangkhong and ended again at the Thau ground before the start of the formal programme.


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