Congress leaders blasts partner CPI for being irresponsible


IMPHAL, Dec 28: The leaders of Communist Party of India (CPI), which is a constituent party of the Congress led Secular Progressive Front (SPF) government, are in a habit of back biting the state government rather than fulfilling their own responsibilities, said works minister K. Ranjit during a political meeting held today at Kakching Khunou as a part of the 125th anniversary of Indian National Congress organized by Sugnu Block Congress Committee.
Works minister Ranjit further stated that the Congress Party has been going with the CPI since the last Assembly term but unfortunately the Congress-CPI relation at the Centre got split following the Indo-US civil nuclear deal. However, the state Congress leaders acknowledging the hardship faced by both the parties in the past have decided to retain CPI in the SPF government.
He said that the Communist leaders have high ideological thinking but they are now impractical. They are just babbling without showing any action unlike the Congress leaders who have shown their calibre not in words but in action, works minister asserted.
Ranjit also said that the Congress Party has brought tremendous changes all over the country. The Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan (SSA), Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikshya Abhiyan (RMSA), Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), National Rural Health Mission (NHRM), smart card health facility etc. are some of the schemes implemented by the Congress led UPA government for the welfare of the common people as per the programmes and policies mentioned in the election manifesto of the Congress Party.   
No government in the past has ever done such tremendous jobs. It is the Congress Party which thinks of equality of the people and not the CPI which has been chanting their impractical political ideologies, Ranjit noted.
He maintained that the recent ADC election was a big success for the SPF government as it has enabled the grassroot democratic institutions in the hill areas to function for bringing real development. The Nagar Panchayat and Municipal Council elections which are scheduled to be held on January 3 next year are equally significant to ensure that the grassroot democratic institutions of the state function well.
Ranjit appealed to the people to render utmost help and support to the Congress Party in the upcoming Nagar Panchayat and Municipal Council elections so as to strengthen the party to work for more development of the state.
Regarding the charges of corruption in VDF recruitment and fake land patta of Umathel village as labeled by some people against him, works minister Ranjit said that all allegations are baseless and there is no corruption in the recruitment of 168 VDF personnel from his assembly constituency. Moreover, the land patta which were distributed to the villagers of Umathel some years back are genuine and there is no question of giving fake pattas to the villagers, he averred.
Hailing Congress Party as the party of the common people free from bias and narrow religious outlook, YAS minister N. Biren stated that the Party has been striving to bring equality amongst the people by raising their standard of living but on the contrary the CPI is just propagating the cause of working class people for the benefits of some selfish people.
The CPI ruled states of West Bengal and Tripura cannot make much progress owing to the misrule of its leaders who believe in impractical political ideologies. The Congress and other political parties will soon dominate the stronghold states of CPI and ultimately the party will suffocate in Manipur too, he noted.
Biren further stated that the regional party of the state MPP is in the same level with the CPI unable to fulfill their own responsibilities. The leaders of MPP are shouting for “integrity” but they themselves are always confined to the valley areas of Manipur and they cannot cross beyond that boundary.  
Biren also slammed the CPI for idolizing Jananeta Hijam Irabot as their political figure rather than regarding him as a great revolutionary leader of Manipur.
He said that Dr. Nara’s comment on Hijam Irabot’s contribution to Panchayati Raj system is quite ridiculous and it is very unlikely of an educated political figure of the state.
MP Thangso Baite stated that the issue of integrity of Manipur arising out of irresponsible comments made by MPs backed by NSCN-IM is over with his victory at the 15th Lok Sabha election which was possible mainly due to the valauble votes of the valley people.
Other Congress MLAs, namely Bijoy Koijam, E. Dwijamani and M. Prithiviraj also joined Ranjit and Biren in lambasting the leaders of CPI for their irresponsible manners despite being in the SPF government.
The ministerial team led by works minister K. Ranjit today made hectic election campaign at Kakching Khunou area for the upcoming Nagar Panchayat election scheduled to be held on January 3 next year.



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