CoPTAM suspends general strike


    IMPHAL, Dec 15: The CoPTAM has temorarily suspended its proposed 60 hours general strike following an assurance given by the Union Home Minister P Chidambram that he will intervene into demands of the tribals body.
    Representatives of the CoPTAM met with the visiting Home Minister while the later was holding interaction with tribal leaders and NGOs at Khuda Dam site today in which the CoPTAM submitted a memorandum.
    After being heard the grievances of the tribal body, Union Home minister P Chidambaram appealed to the striking body to call off the bandh, assuring that he will personally intervene and take up the matter with the State government.
    Following the concern and assurance given by the Union Home minister, CoPTAM has decided to suspend provisionally the proposed 60-hour general strike which was to start 5 pm today, information and publicity wing of CoPTAM has conveyed.
    It is worth mentioning that the 60-hour general strike was proposed following pending demands of the tribal body on issues ranging from overlapping census, redrawing of Jiribam district, “imposed” urbanization in Moreh, State government’s proposed IRB battalion in Vangai and proposed rehabilitation of KCP (Lallumba) at Leikun in Chandel district etc.


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