DESAM hauls up another nursing school


IMPHAL, Dec 24: In yet another incident of a fake nursing institute in the state, the Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur has today exposed another institute which has been identified as Unique School of Nursing, Chingmeirong Laipham Khunou.
Wangmayum Islauddin, vice president DESAM while speaking to media persons today at their office regarding the ever increasing mushrooming of Nursing institutes in the state, which at many times have turned out to be illegal and fraud as is evident from the recent two institutes which were exposed by the student union, has stated that the institute Unique School of Nursing was previously banned by DESAM in December 2009 as a result of the school being unrecognized by the nursing council, having only 12 students and lack of infrastructure.
He further identified the founder of the institute as Ningthoujam Ibemcha w/o N Mani of Thanga Karong and presently staying at Porompat Kongpal Kongkham Leikai.
In an interesting bend in the story which could be evidence of the popularity of Nursing courses among the populace of the state, the student union during its investigation exposed another scam where an employee of the Fisheries department identified as Chanabam Ibetombi of Porompat Konpal Kongkham Leikai and working as a PA in the Fisheries department had duped 12 student by assuring them of allowing them to appear in the ANM taken by the state Nursing council, after taking Rs 1,14,000 from the students which includes their admission fee, examination fee and practical fees. The fraud further kept the 12 students in a rented house in her locality and introduced them to present B Sc students as their teachers. 
Ibetombi conjoining with S Kumar another mastermind in the fraudulent practice of opening fake Nursing institutes, had issued fake admit cards to the 12 students in May 2010 for their first semester exam. However their semester result has not been declared till date, which further proves that it as a scam.
DESAM has further declared that Shiroi School of Nursing located at Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai as unrecognized by the Nursing council of the state and has further declared it banned until and unless the institute receives its recognition certificate from the Nursing council. It has further appealed to the teachers, students, and their guardians of the institute to contact the student union before December 28.


  1. Although it is commendable that some civil organizations are taking the lead in curbing such illegal practices, the police and other govt. agencies are better equipped and skilled in handling such issues (of course they are dormant and not found anywhere).

    This is to say instead of pinning some individuals let’s pin down the govt officials who are not performing their duties.

    Why am i asking these? Because i am sure most of these institues must have paid shares to all groups including our naharols. DESAM might want to ask KYKL for the reciept.

    This kind of activism by these tainted organizations will only bolden them to spread fears among the public and this will eventually increase corruption in the long run.
    Why should not i assume that they have not taken any money so far? Why don’t DESAM try to pin down the bureaucrats who gave the license to run the damn thing in the first place?

  2. Dear All! The mushrooming of nursing institutes in Manipur is a good sign from business point of view and it will help the entrepreneurs to generate employment. But it also carries the future of the students with them. There is mass exodus of students outside the state to pursue nursing in other states and crores of rupees are being drained out from us. We have heard the stories of fake institutes and others without proper infrastructures and faculties before. There is an urgent need to study the internal and external factors at the current scenario so as to bring quality and professionalism in this field. We need to find the root cause and make improvements not the curtain the education of the budding nurses. The students will lost a year if the institutes are closed for longer periods. If the institutes have faulted with norms, then they must be penalised with heavy fines and the money can be use for social welfare activities. Let our mission be the one to bring improvement in healthcare and not fault finding alone.


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