Editorial – Government Needs Strong Determination to serve the people


by Sukham Nanda
It has been almost six months since the common people of the state has been facing great sufferings created out of the scarcity of the petroleum products specially, Petrol Diesel and SK oil (Kerosene) even after the economic blockade along the National High ways called by the Naga bodies has been lifted way back during the month of August last.
How patient the people of Manipur are, except few civil organisations and political parties, the acute problem faced in the state caused by the artificial scarcity of petroleum have made their words against the state government but, the common people of the state have remained quite watching like as if they are blessed with the unfulfilled promises of the state government. There is some wrong with the systems of the state government is the only word we can hear from our common people but no body seem dare enough to come forward and fight against the government unitedly for the failures.

Yes there might be good reasons for the artificial scarcity of the petroleum products in the state, but it is the responsibility of the state government to provide the requirements of the people by choosing an alternative arrangement if this government is really sincere in delivering services for the welfare of the people of the state.
It was due to this scarcity of the petroleum products in the state the cost escalation of productions of agricultural products during this year monsoon cropping had become tremendously high and which will never come down when there is normal supply of petroleum products existing in the state in future too. This will seriously affect the economy of the common people of the state, which the state government seems not to calculate till today.

It was very unfortunate to hear the answer from state Consumers Affairs Food and Public distribution minister while replying to an answer queries from various members during the recently concluded winter session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, the minister deliberately saying that, normal supply of petroleum products specially SK oil which comes under the state PDS will be able to supply only after the authority of IOC release state quota regularly. Here, it is very doubt that can IOC authorities forfeit the state monthly kerosene quotas for the state. Besides, state did not get normal monthly quota of SK oil since last six month and who will coup up these lost quota if the state department is not sincere enough to seek the lost month quota of SK oil for the state to the concern IOC authority it is the questions that the general public is mingling about.

How unfortunate the lives of common people who have been kept in such situations where there is irregular power supply and less supply of petroleum products to generate power or lights for the last six months in the state.

The incompetent and irresponsibleness of the state government in delivering service to the people has been shown by the existing efforts of the state government which couldn’t even handle the IOC authorities and such nature is not seen any where in the country. Looking to the sincerity of the other state government like Maharastra and Andhra Paradesh where the government there is trying to export onions from foreign countries after the productions and supply of onion have suddenly falled down, why state government here is not taking up serious measures to such issues of the state where the people have been suffering to ultimate limit caused by the scarcity of the petroleum products and its seems the state government is watching dying of many private small and medium scale industries which have been established in the state.

Considering all these grievances facing by the common public of the state due top the artificial scarcity of the petroleum products, state government instead of handing over the issue to the state Consumer Affairs Food Public Distribution alone, initiate some positive alternative steps with strong determination by direct participation by the state government after taking the issue as one of immediate priorities task of the state government to maintain adequate stocks of petroleum products in the existing oil depot of the state if the state government is really sincere about the welfare of the people of the state.


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