First round of tripartite talks on UNC demands held at Senapati


IMPHAL, Dec 3: The first round of the tripartite talk between the Government of India, the UNC and the Government of Manipur was held today at Tahamzam, Senapati.
The talk mainly focussed on the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister by the UNC on September 14, 2010 seeking for an alternative arrangment after Naga civil body declared severance of ties with the Government of Manipur.
During today’s talk, the Government of India was represented by UK Bansal, Secy. Internal Security and Shambhu Singh, Jt. Secsy (NE) (MHA); while the UNC was represented by Sword Vashum, chairman, UNC Committee for Alternative Arrangement.
The representatives of the Manipur government in the talk was led by chief secretary DS Poonia.
John K Kaping adds from UKHRUL : A “mass rally” in support to the on-going  ‘tripartite-talk’ at Senapati (Tahamzam) was staged at Ukhrul town this morning at 11:00 am with thousands of people in the district Headquarter from all walks of life taking part.
The rally was organized by the Tangkhul Naga Long(TNL) and Tangkhul Coordination Committee (TCC) in fully support to the initiative of United Naga Council, UNC, Government of India (GOI) and the representatives of the Manipur State Government(GOM) entering the first round of negotiation in the ‘tripartite talk’ focusing on the issue of Alternative arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur.
The rallyists shouted slogans “we support the alternative arrangement”, “long live UNC”, “the only means to avoid blood-shed is the alternative arrangement and “don’t  test our patience, we are ready to fight” etc.
There was a public meeting after the rally at the TNL ground wherein the TCC Convenor Mr. KS. Jonathan explained the gathering about the ultimate demand of the alternative arrangement for Nagas in Manipur.


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