Forest guards identify organised poachers at Keibul Lamjao


IMPHAL, Dec 20: The intensification of regular patrolling in and around the Keibul Lamjao National Park at Moirang in Loktak Lake by the state forest guards equipped with modern machineries has enabled them to detect a group of hunters involved in trapping and driving of wild animals inside the National Park and their identities have also been established by the forest guards very recently.
According to an official source, a team of state forest guards posted at Keibul Lamjao National Park at Moirang following specific information on taking place of wildlife offences by some gangs at the western part of Khodangkhong of Keibul Lamjao National Park on December 16, last at around 6.10 pm in the evening seized three Phumlen Thangol and one very large Nylon trap used in trapping and driving of wild animals inside the said National park after a brief confrontations with the gang party.
The official source further mentioned that one among the gang member was finally caught by the staffs on that same evening and who later disclosed the identities of the rest of the gang members.
The absconding accuses are identified as, Salam Khelen Singh, 37, son of S Pakchao Singh, Ningthoujam Nanao Singh, 27, son of N. Maniyaima Singh and his brother N Shyamjai Singh, Ningthoujam Chaoba Singh son of late N Babu Singh all residence of Khordak Awang Leikai, Salam Binodkumar Singh son of Lukhoi Singh of Thanga Salam Leikai and Ningthoujam Boyai Singh son of N Munal Singh of Thanga Salam Leikai.
In the meantime, Salam Khelen Singh of Khordak Aeang Leikai who was among the accused surrendered himself to the Beat Forest officer posted at Nongmaikhong this morning and the accused person was brought at the Directorate of Forest at Sanjenthong this afternoon and paraded before the media persons by the officials of the state forest department.
During the questioning of the accused person at Sanjenthong forest office this afternoon the accused person mentioned that their gang not only caught the rare Sangai but also other wild animal like wild boars, small deers existing inside the Keibul Lamjao National Park. He further mentioned that, he has tested the Sangai meat once and they usually sold the Sangai meat in black market at the rate of Rs.60 to Rs.70 per Kg.
According to one of the forest officer present during the press briefing mentioned that the offenders involved in trapping and killings of animals inside the National Park can be delivered with punishment of imprisonments of 3 to 7 years with a fine of Rs.25,000 under the Wild Life Protection Act. As a result the remaining six listed absconders who is involved in trapping and driving of wild animals inside the Keibul Lamjao National Park are warned to surrender to the concerned authorities by tomorrow otherwise the department will take assistance of the state police force to arrest them at the earliest, the forest officer added.



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