Governor opens School Meet 2010


    IMPHAL, Dec 5: The 3rd School Meet 2010 organized by the state Education (S) department was inaugurated by the Governor Gurbachand Jagat at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium this morning.
    While inaugurating the school meet this morning, Governor, Gurbachand Jagat said that in the state of Manipur people from different communities and of different religions have been living together since time immemorial.
    He said if we adopt the philosophy of tolerance, then each one can go his own way, adopt his views and make his contribution to the up building of the state as well as the country. Young students need to inculcate this idea in their minds forever. Keeping this in view he has advised to all the students of Manipur through this function to learn to respect others and not only their life and property but their intangible possessions, their good name and reputation also while at their respective institution.
    He further mentioned that, education to the students in Manipur is disturbed every now and then due to bandhs, blockades, strikes, etc. It should be of serious concern to all of us, and we should allow our students to study in their institutions in all academic sessions without breaks so that they should do well in their examinations. If we fail to act now, our future will also be affected. And therefore, he has appealed to all concerned not to disturb education under any circumstances considering the profound importance of education in the civilization development of the nation.
    He also mentioned that, it is a fact that the people of Manipur in general and young boys and girls in particular, are lovers of sports and cultural activities. They have hidden talents in these fields. They posses a rare quality of adjustment and requisite temperament. It is due to the unique quality and hidden talents in our youths that they have brought many prestigious laurels in various disciplines in national and International sport arena.
    He said, it is hope that with the initiative and support of the government and also with the appreciation and encouragement by the people of the state, our boys and girls will continue to bring further laurels for the state and the nation.
    Governor further mentioned that, it has been very glad to know that as usual the 3rd Sports meet, organized by the state Education Department includes the programme of interaction between important personalities and the participating students, which will help expand the view points of the students on various aspects of life. It is also includes events like folk songs, dances and other cultural items in order to popularize the rare and very rich traditional art forms of the state among the youngsters, besides providing a good opportunity to display their talents in their respective fields of games and sports. Such efforts of the department deserve appreciation and encouragement by all and it is hope that this school meet, 2010 will help in strengthening the bonds of unity and integrity of nation, Governor added.
    In the meantime, state Education (S) minister L Jayantakumar Singh presided over the inaugural function of the School meet today and the meet which will be held for next two days at Khuman Lampak stadium will be participated by students from nine districts of the state


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