Hengbung taxation check post totals Rs. 3 cr in collection


IMPHAL, Dec 27: After a long gap of four years the state taxation department is able to collect Rs. 3 crores as revenue within 24 days of the opening of a taxation check-post at Hengbung in Senapati district.
The check-post at Hengbung was opened from December 2 and the taxation department has set a target of incurring revenue Rs 100 crores annually from this check-post. The infrastructural development works of this check-post have been taken up by the state works department.
Speaking to mediapersons during an inspection tour today at Hengbung taxation check-post, works minister K. Ranjit said that the check-post at Sekmai went defunct since 2006 owing to some unavoidable circumstances and as a result the state has lost huge sum of revenue.
However, the state government has taken the initiative of setting up new check-post at Hengbung with the objective of raising the revenue of the state which will in turn help to take up more development works in the state, he said.
Ranjit further stated that the state taxation department has so far incurred Rs three crores as sales tax and Rs five lakhs as casual tax from the freight vehicles passing through this check-post.
At present the check-post is managed by 13 staffs of taxation department and 50 security personnel of IRB. The process of computerization will also be done in due course of time along with the installation of an uninterrupted power line. The average daily entry of loaded trucks and other vehicles at this check-post ranges from 95 to 150, the works minister noted.
He also stated that the revenue collected from this check-post will be strictly monitored by the state government and there will be no laundering of money from such revenue meant for the development works of the state.
Meanwhile, works minister K. Ranjit along with the officials of state PWD also inspected the ongoing construction works of Senapati district mini-secretariat complex.
The minister strictly instructed the contractors to carry out the works in full swing so that the complex can be inaugurated by May, 2011.
K.Ranjit said that the state government has sanctioned adequate funds for the mini-secretariat complex and so the contractors should take up the works without having any apprehension on fund.
The contractors undertaking construction works at the secretariat complex expressed inconveniences over the deployment of CRPF personnel inside the complex.
The works minister and his team also inspected the hot-mix plant at Karong following complaints from the villagers of possible health hazards from this plant.
Minister Ranjit assured that new pollution control equipments will be installed at the site of Karong hot-mix plant as soon as possible so that no health hazards are given to the people.
He also appealed to the villagers to cooperate with the state works department in undertaking the road development works of NH-39 which needs to be completed in this working season itself.
Further, works minister Ranjit appealed to all to render utmost help and support to the state government in taking up more development works instead of giving hindrances to the development of the state.


  1. Manipur really needs those money and it should go to proper hands and channels of goverment of manipur for proper utilization.

    Proper measures need to be taken so that officials at the barrack do not put those public money in their pocket.

    A simple measure could be, wenever a truck driver/owner pays tax, in return he should be issued a reciept. The reciept should be genenerated using a printer in a LAN of goverment’s concerned department. Inputs for generating the return reciept should be amount recieved, fingerprint of truck owner/driver/payee and the fingerprint of the Commercial tax inspector or any bonafide person. The recieved amount should be updated to the main server along with a ID no.

    Such barriers should be installed in remaining districts also.


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