House thrashes out Dimapur land scam


IMPHAL, De 22: The six session of the ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly (winter session) began today with the Deputy Speaker, Kh.Lokeshore chairing the session.
During the session, the members discussed questions such as land allotment of MSRTC at Dimapur amongst others at length.
The land area of 4.241 acres in Dimapur, Nagaland previously allotted to MSRTC, which was found to be allotted by the Dimapur DC to seven private parties was confirmed today by the Transport Minister, L. Jayanta Kumar during the question and answer round. Confirming that the state government gave no such approval for land allotment to any parties he said that the same land area would be allotted back to the MSRTC as agreed on papers in the lease agreement.
While stating that twelve quarters, six godowns along with a Sema Church stand on the allotted grounds, the exact statistics of the encroachment area of the church in the same area was not specified. However, the minister confirmed that the state government is looking into the same.
While the much debated topic of scarcity Vs artificial scarcity of Petrol, Diesel and S.K Oil, the concerned Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Minister said that to overcome the scarcity problem the government has arranged for a storage system with a capacity for 90 days and more at Malom (Rail Fed Depot), Imphal.
To the supplementary question put forward, he stated that law and order situation along with natural calamities has affected the transportation of the POL products and other commodities in the past due to which the availability has been affected in a chain reaction.
Clarifying the rumour that artificial scarcity in terms of distribution and availability to all consumers exist, he firmly requested everyone not to misquote him and stated that it may be called as artificial scarcity as it is readily and easily available outside Manipur but since we cannot bring it into the state due to the aforesaid reasons it may be termed as artificial scarcity. However he alleged that the same term has been misused in the state by many claiming that stocks are being brought into the state but distribution of the same is being controlled and restricted to select vendors in the Wangkhei Constituency. He requested those in knowledge of any such vendors to provide him with the details so that action can be taken up against them.
With regards to the RGGVY Scheme, the concerned Power Minister, T.Phungzathang said that under the scheme, work for eight villages in Bishnupur has started while three villages have already been electrified. Further he stated that the work order of Rs.14.37 Cr was issued in Sept 2009 and materials for the same had been purchased and is currently underway to being work at the earliest. Adding to the statement, the CM clarified that ‘Shama Power’ is a reliable company and many works have been undertaken in liaison with them. Further, with no place to stock the materials, the CM confirmed that the same has been stocked at Kangla to start work at the earliest possible date and since some of the villages out of the total belongs to the BPL category the electrification work will be completed very soon. The minister said that the project, targeted to complete in two years, is expected to finish by September 2011.
 He added a supplementary point that the Shama Power being slow in progress in terms of work efficiency the power minister was asked to keep a strict eye for the benefit of the public in general.
Further, the Assembly members Radhabinod Koijam, O.Joy, T.Phungzathang, N.Mangi, I Hemochandra and Hellaluddin Khan gave obituary speeches in respect to the deceased members of the Assembly.


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