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I am basically a technician but I do watch the human right not in the prism of political spectrum. For the last two days I was bombarded in my mail and SMS with human right campaign. I am a small fry staying at the remotest corner of Asia; I don’t have anything to do with human right at China. Yes the only exposure to China was with my reproductive health at Chengdu, China especially in male reproductive health that was a share by chance. Perhaps I am the first Manipuri to go to China legally unlike Late Bisheswor and his follower. I have got a mixed feeling of China they are really good in their hard work and their political compulsion something like one child one family norm?

I am a product of reader digest and BBC which I really cherish in my youthful time at Tamenglong Hospital where the BBC can catch at the most clarity. I can’t survive without the honest report of them, unlike our Manipuri newspapers which they work as a notice board of outfits. I didn’t say it is the reproduction what I heard from All India Radio Imphal news Chanel.

Coming back to China I was watching Nobel peace prize live at Norway for Liu Xiaobo with an empty chair, how many of us may be watching about this, I am asking myself why not RK Sanyaima or Sharmila.
Is anybody listening in intellectual circle.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Nabakanta Sharma,
JN Hospital.


  1. hi Braj…………
    we are all brothers …. as far as my thread in MT’s concern you should join in… we are not in a baseless argument… it is a sort of academic discussion…
    but coming to R.K Meghen…. i am replying to Dr. Nabakanta Sharma… to many Manipuris he is a leader fighting Indian Occupation…. with this understanding the Govt of India is pressuring him for negotiation as we know now…. whether you like to think otherwise is your concern… while it is also true there are many like you who are against him….
    it’s ok for you to want your father to win the Nobel … i too want my father to win it…. so it’s ok ….
    Let’s be objective and neutral … and talk like intellectual… far as i am concern i want this conflict to be resolve in the favour of the Manipuri nation…

    • Thanks for inviting me to your discussion in

      I don’t know if you notice me but i am there, may be in other discussions.

      Leteimba i also take every Manipruis as brothers and with that spirit i am just trying to tell you Nobel peace prize should not be insulted by suggesting someone like RK Sanayaima for it. My point on nominating my father is to, sorry to say this, but mock you and the author of the article above.

      Let’s not be blind to what’s happening in the state. It’s raining bombs & bullets in Manipur. Although few may not accept this but almost half of State funds are wasted among these so called saviours of the Manipur nations. Read todays news about NEC official confirming UG’s share in state projects.

      While the general public are dying, maiming each other, those who are connected to the Naharols, politicians are looting the state.

      What has RK Sanayaima done to stop this? For me, someone who comes out against these atrocities comitted both by state and non-state (read naharols) actors is worth nominating but not someone who’s perpetrating it.

      • Dear Braj,
        i perfectly understand your point… that why i said there are two camps… pro-freedom and pro-Indian but yes, pro-freedom can be further distinguished into two camps… those who support armed struggle and those who believe in non-violence struggle…. for the record, let me say this without fear … i believe in freedom through non-violence… so i guess PC chidambaram is ok with me….i would like to know your stand on this….

        Secondly, we all agree Sharmila is more deserving than Obama for the Nobel Prize … so lets work on that.. lets promote her individually in our capacities and unitedly with all those working for her cause….

        coming to my earlier views on RK Meghen… we should understand this very clearly.. that he is a leader the GOI is willing to talk to end this conflict… it may be because he is a descendent of our beloved leader Tikendrajit… if the GOI thinks so … there must a surely some sense….
        Lets not let our sentiment overcome our objectivity…
        If Obama is given Nobel Prize in the believe that he would end the war on terror… (which has seen been proved wrong}…. what the harm in the argument for putting RK Meghen’s name… he might end the conflict and bring peace…. with that understanding i had liked the idea of the writer…. there are many things i don’t like about UNLF… that was just an argument as a Manipuri.. so i accepted that… but let’s concentrate on Sharmila … we have a consensus right…..

  2. Hi all,

    I m not a good reader nor writer. I just happen to see few comments on supporting I Sharmila and R K Sanayaima for Nobel Award. I simply don’t understand and I believe there will be thousand of peope like me wandering what makes us feel that R K Sanayaima deserve a nobel price.

    What has he done to protect the human rights in the state. Is he aware of the hardship face by the people of the state.

    Lets not be a fool in the eyes of the world by supporting someone like him for the prestigious award.

  3. Leitemba.

    I have seen your posts in manipurtalks about English language. I decided not to engage myself in it coz i know at the end of the day no one’s going to accept other’s point of view.

    So let me focus only on RK Sanayaima getting Nobel Award. Are you serious you think it is our fault if he doesn’t win Nobel?

    What’s wrong with the world? Just because you admire somebody you can’t expect him to be a nobel laureate. I also want my dad to win Nobel then.

    Ok. Let me ask all of you what has he done to deserve it

    • Hi Braj,

      I will be the first person to oppose if someone nominate R K Sanayaima for the nobel price.

      Please tell everyone in the forum not to mentioned Sanayaima;s name for nobel award. If someone does it, the person is insulting the state.

      • i totally agree with reese.
        Manipur is in a state of turmoil, ripe for civil war, because of the money-sucking-from-the-junta revolutionary ideas of Snayaima and Co.
        They started the drive to make the meetei women to wear traditional clothes and ironically today his mamou goes around wearing revealing stern clothes!!!

        • Hi Jul,

          Just to add to your message, Sanayaima and Co. are the real reason why Manipur is in pathetic condition.

          They don’t care about people’s welfare. All they want is money and money, and enjoy their life abroad.

  4. In the West we read the news through the hermeneutic taught by Chomsky. And those who don’t are usually aware that news reports tend to confirm their previously held view of the world even if they don’t with awareness challenge why that is always the case no matter what news report they read. Even americans when exposed to Al Jazeera work out that journalists are pretty much the same wherever they come from. They all have blind spots too.

    For international or interstate further study, business, trade, life, Manipuris have to pick between English or Hindi. I don’t make the rules. It’s hard to predict the future but even in the medium term English medium gives more flexibility. Culture is preserved through language. Look to the model of Hebrew in post 1945 Israel for clues. But there has to be a passionate almost fanatical desire to preserve identity overriding all other goals.

    I specialize in dead languages, the ones we study are the previous linguae francae English will be the most important of the dead languages in the world in a thousand years time and they will all die within that time.

    As for prizes. It’s one of the ways to keep her irritating the regime until they repeal AF(SP)A. For me it’s more that they are spaced out. Once she is free let unknowns win prizes.

    Sharmila does not think like an Englishman. She writes in English but is the first to say she is a slow learner with barely standard XII education. I write far better than many but the only thing of interest I have to say is Sharmila Chanu. She writes very poorly but take her poem That Cane of the Policeman no 4 from Fragrance of Peace. She steps back and lets the incident speak for itself. I have read technically more skillful writers, it’s just that she has something worth saying.

    Maybe she is an aberration or maybe she is a hope. Delhi IIPM are giving her prizes not your star students currently graduating from Delhi. If you think of her as a failure, maybe you need to inspire more failures if you want change in Manipur.

  5. Manipuri Newspapers reflects the situation of Manipur… now i too like BBC and Voice of America … but to the extent it gives real information…. they are also their to serve their interest… now the Arab world has there own Al Jazera etc… the point is our education system with English as medium has produced lots of English mania but very few intellectual who could think like an English ………herein lies our problem…. ??
    if Sharmila or RK Sanayaima does not win a Nobel Prize , the failure is on our part….., why?

  6. I am confused as to what the author is saying. I agree I Sharmila could be a Nobel laureate but RK Sanayaima?

    Please share us what’s Sanayaima done to be given such a title. I think the author has seriously mistaken Nobel award for some Leikai Yaosang award.

    Is anybody listening in intellectual circle 😉

  7. The Russians have taken an innovative approach to human rights defending with their call for Swedish NGOs to nominate Assange for the next Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps China could add their support or that of Irom Sharmila who is illegally imprisoned at the JN IMS in imphal, the tactics may be petty and hypocritical but the overall strategy would result in greater freedom for all.

    Similarly the United States are now demurring from their policy of intimate searches upon women in Sarees in respect to the Indian Ambassador but they are retaining the right to outrage the modesty of all other Indian women in sarees who visit their country. The suggestion of the CPI(M) to conduct a thorough strip search on the US Ambassador on his next trip at any Indian Airport will encourage the Americans to reconsider their policy regarding Indian Ambassadors.

    Strip searching all white women who enter any Indian Airport might encourage them to review their policy on outraging the modesty of Indian women. These are all issues of human rights versus the universal bogeyman of terrorism. When you grant ignorant low paid thugs power without accountability as for example in the decree of AF(SP)A then men abuse power solely because they can. This must be more than talk.

    The key understanding of Sakyamuni Buddha was that people are not convinced until they have personally experienced their truth. So yes I am arguing that this is a form of modern engaged buddhism. I sincerely hope the US Ambassador is given a comprehensive search by Indian Security officials. And I hope he reflects upon his experience and achieves a form of enlightenment on how his country should treat others.

    The Americans have argued as a favour to India they may reconsider their policy of outraging the modesty of Indian women but only for the Indian Ambassador, while still giving discretion to the uniformed thug on the ground to outrage any and all other Indian women.

    They require an incident to focus their attention. By their own admission they believe low level security guards should have the right on the grounds of anti-terrorism to perform intimate searches even on Ambassadors. So they will have no grounds to complain if India acts proportionately. And although India has no respect for its own women. America claims it does respect all people. America is relying on the cowardice of slimy Indians. Once it would make me proud of India if instead they made a proportionate robust response at the level of the prostate gland.

    This innovative approach to human rights defending, skilful means, using the hypocrisy of human rights defenders who attack the human rights abuses only in others, can by the mirror effect lead to genuine human rights defence for all.

    Being a technician does not absolve the doctor from adhering to the Malta Protocols. As you are impotent to condemn Indian Doctors for their collusion in the detention without trial of Irom Sharmila then at least urge the Chinese government to do all they can to support her.


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