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“Kerosene scarcity artificially created”

IMPHAL, Dec 7: The Kerosene dealers of the state have alleged that the Kerosene scarcity the state is currently going through is artificially created by the IOC and concerned government departments.

In a press meet today attended by dealers from various districts, a spokesperson of the All Manipur SK-Oil Dealer Association briefed the media that the state has been reeling under petrol scarcity for months now and normalcy is yet to return.

He said dealers are yet to get petrol for the months of April to October and the reason for the non-allocation given by the department concerned is the recent economic blockade along the NH-39.

Later on November 15 the Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (CAF & PD) department released district-wise/dealer-wise sub-allocation for the Month of November 2010, signed by the concerned Commissioner, but the dealer failed to lift their allocation as the concerned authority told them that there was no stock.

Another sub-allocation order was released on November 25 notifying that 36 KL is released to the districts/ADC in view of the limited stock however it claimed that a quantity of 108 KL was lifted by the PCTC Oil depot.

Surprisingly another 36 KL was lifted by the PCTC depot on Sunday December 5, 2010 despite no official allocation order was issued for the month of December, 2010.

The dealers questioned the relation maintained by the PCTC with concerned authority.

The spokesman branded the scarcity as artificial. The dealers revealed that considering the hardship faced by the people the dealers even volunteer for lifting the Oil from the refineries however no understanding was brought with the concerned authority.

While referring to the PCTC the dealers termed the distribution system unjust and further alleged that the dealers are finding hard to lift their monthly allocation since the interference of a clause in an order of the CAF & PD (clause 2) for about 4 to 5 months before.

The clause reads ‘The above monthly allocation shall be released to the concerned S.K Oil dealers by IOC only after adequate SK. Oil stock is inducted into the State by IOC, IOC will submit a report in this regard to the Government. The Government will issue a separate order for release of S.K Oil to the districts/dealers and until such written authorization is given by the Government. IOC shall not released S.O Oil. IOC will take all necessary measures urgently to transport maximum quantity of S.K Oil into the State to enable the Government to consider early release of S.K Oil’.

The spokespersons further asserted that the dealers will resort to intense agitation if the CAF & PD failed to revoke the particular clause.

At the same time, the president of the Senapati SK Oil Association, Longkha warned that the dealers in the district will launch agitation like bandh or blockade if the Government failed to distribute SK Oil by December 10.

Meanwhile P. Kipgen, president Kangpokpi area Kuki Chief Association stated that it will extend full support for whatever decision taken by the Senapati SK Oil Association.



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