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    Imphal, Dec 3: Thiusongbou Pamei, the cultural ambassodor of Liangmai traditional music and craft has been striving for the last many years promoting Liangmai folk songs.
    He has been attached with an institution called Tribal School of Music, Dance and craft which is the undertaking of an NGO known as Social Education Culture and Economic Development Society (SECEDS), Tamei. The three-year old institution is the brain child of Adibo Newmei, a lecturer of Modern College, Imphal.
    Thiusongbou Pamei, a 65 years old Liangmai hailing from Tamei subdivision, has been researching in his own way on the Liangmai folk-lore and folk song. He is also a good craftsman who make his own Liangmai traditional instrument such as violins.
    At the Tribal School of Music located at Tamei, Thiusongbou attempts to teach the young people the Liangmai folk songs and other cultural items. The cultural ambassador of Liangmai does not mind even if he does not gain things economically while he promotes the Liangmai culture. Also, under the guidance of Thiusongbou Pamei, the Liangmai youths will learn the long forgotten crafts of making Liangmai traditional commodities such as baskets (Takam in Liangmai dialect), Nkha, Mariu (a bamboo plaited saucer for winnowing grains) and other items.
    Meanwhile, come January, 2011, Thiusonngbou will be sharing the stage with the North East greats in the like of Lou Majaw of Meghalaya and Rewben Mashangba of Manipur at the North East Youth Festival at Senapati.


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