Macha Leima office mobbed


IMPHAL, Dec 30: Around 300 loanees stormed and turned violent today evening at the Macha Leima School office at Palace Compound, when the loanees who had demanded for a meeting with the authorities of Macha Leima in relation to the failure of the distribution of their laon installments since August, was turned down by the Macha Leima authorities.
The loanees turned violent and started breaking furniture including windows, tables, chairs and even laptops and desktops of the school office.
An official of Macha Leima has estimated the damage cost to about Rs 2 Lakhs and added that it has lost some Rs 15 thousand in cash from its office during the melee. She has also alleged that the loanees were instigated by LC Bethebi and Nongthombam Gunileima, who were suspended from the post of CEO, Macha Leima Micro Finance and president in charge of the Macha Leima Micro Finance respectively by the executive committee of the organization, due to certain irregularities and laxities found in their work.
The loanees who were instigated by the two saying that the micro finance organization will not be able to pay their loan installments any further as the two former officials were not working anymore, had stormed the Macha Leima premises asking for a meeting with it’s authorities,however the denial of the authorities to convened a meeting angered the loanees who turned violent and started destroying the office properties.
In the ensuing violence Debona general secretary of Macha leima Micro Finance collapse when some of the alleged attackers threaten her and demanded to take responsibilities of the inability of the Macha Leima Authorities to disperse their loan installments and had to be rushed to Shija Hospital and Research Institute, Langol.


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