Manipur going through Cambodia experience: Dr. Nara


IMPHAL, December 9: Dr M Nara, ex-minister while briefing media persons after his return from Phnom Penh, Cambodia has equated the present situation of the state to that of the past situation in Cambodia which was genocidal.
He was in the Cambodian capital from December 2-3 to participate in the 6th International Conference of Asian Political Parties.
He said that Manipur has a lot to learn from Cambodia and its return to normalcy and rebuilding the country in order to bring the much anticipated peace and normalcy in the state.
He also reminded that the state needed an electoral reform to usher in peace in the state. Corruption is the foundation of all ills in the state including the issue of insurgency problem and as such the state need to collectively fight against corruption.
India even though is regarded as the biggest Democracy in the world, from the inside it has become a hollowed Democracy, with the country filled with corruption and all sections of the people most importantly the people at the helm of things, the government should start work sincerely towards a better society.
He further appealed to the people of the state to try and make 21st century as the century of Asia.
The International conference was attended by representatives of 89 political parties from 36 countries, with six representatives from the country. The country was represented by six delegates. Among the six member team CPI has two representatives of which Dr M Nara was one. BJP was represented by two members with Congress and Forward Block being represented by one member each.
The International Conference of Asian Poltical Parties addressed various issues relating to continent including environmental degradation and poverty, Asian economies; inter regional trade through open regionalism- by eliminating both tariff and non tariff barriers, linking up of the ASEAN and SAARC framework, strengthening of the Mekong- Indo- China economic corridors, reconciliation in all Asia’s conflict zone, preserving of Asia’s splendid heritage etc.
The first International Conference of Asian Political Parties was held in 2000 at Manila.


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