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Meghen should be brought back says BJP Manipur unit

IMPHAL, Dec 2: The Bharatiya Janata Party Manipur Pradesh in a statement issued by its president S Ibohal Singh stated that RK Meghen should be brought back to Manipur and tried fairly in law court.

The BJP statement said that after two months concealment of the arrest of RK Meghen alias Sanayaima Singh, chairman of UNLF, a prominent underground organisation of Manipur now it is clearly understood that he was arrested in Bihar on the basis of the statement issued by the DGP, Manipur which was published in all the local newspaper & electronic media on December 2.

Now the drama of uncertainly and undemocratic way of Meghen arrest has gone and ended the harassment given to civil organisations, political parties and family members although there was serious dissatisfaction on the role played by Union Home Ministry, the BJP Manipur president claimed.

It also questioned next type of harassments and suppression of facts will be meted out to the unfortunate underground leader in the name of taking follow up legal procedures is to be observed closely as the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India had already played dishonest role on his arrest without giving information of his arrest for a long period of over two months to the people of Manipur which is deadly against the existing practice of the law of the land. This is a serious matter of deceive in brought day light, Ibohal alleged.

While appreciating the statement of DGP, Manipur he also urged the Manipur police to find out the FIR case number of the arrest of RK Meghen, name of the police station and number of days of his police remand and concerned court of the Bihar State to serve the purpose of public information since DGP is officially informed by the office of the National Investigation Agency in the public interest.

It further asserted that in the past one or two years, the public have heard stories of the arrest of some leaders of underground organisations. Rajakhwa, a leader and his associates of ULFA, NDF Chairman Niranjoy, one leader of Dema Halam of Assam and James Kuki, a leader of NSCN (IM) who were arrested in Bangladesh and Kathmandu were brought back to their respective states and now in their respective states Jail. Similarly RK Meghen should be brought back to Manipur and he should be fairly tried by the law of the land, the BJP Manipur unit urged adding any application of third degree method should be avoided.

The Chief Minister of Manipur should also take initiative as was done by the Chief Ministers of Assam and Nagaland in dealing with the problems of the arrest of underground leaders of their respective states similar to the arrest of RK Meghen the statement added.

If there was no exposition by the vice-chairman of the UNLF, Sudhir Bhonsmik of BBC and Tahelka of the arrest of RK Meghen and subsequent movement and pressure by civil organisations including the AMSU, non-Congress political parties and National and International Human Rights forums, RK Meghen could be a missing person forever, it maintained.



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